brothers girlfriend deceiving everyone

Julie - posted on 12/27/2013 ( 1 mom has responded )




Since the first time we all met my brothers gf she was rude and very annoying , but everyone kept giving her the benefit of the doubt. As time went by we all learned to ignore her comments. Then I and dh were blessed w our lo, the entire pregnancy she made negative comments. She always has a negative comment to make regarding lo or some terrible advice. I try not to let it, but it has at times gotten under my skin. Now she's pregnant and my side of the family is thrilled for her. I on the other hand feel a bit indifferent. Months after she announced her pregnancy we were at a family get together. My dh overheard a phone conversation she was having in private where she said he doesn't know it's his, when she saw him she freaked. I know it could have meant anything, which is why i never mentioned it. I just have a bad feeling about her. She's also continuously lied to us with her stories. Yet, what's bothering me the most is how she's always talking with my mom I just feel like she's moving in on my bonding with her during my first baby(I call her for baby advice a lot). Am I overreacting? I've tried getting along with her but she's just so negative I hate that I've let it affect me so much :-( any advice would be appreciated.


Sheena - posted on 12/28/2013




If you and your brother are close I would say talk to your brother about what is bothering you. So far a your brother can keep an open mind and really listen to you on this try it. But if you can't talk to your brother speak directly to her. Depending on how you want this to be just speak with her privately one day an be honest. If you want a good relationship with her approach her and say hey I know we haven't been the best of friends but I need to know something how do you feel about me as a person (then tell her how you feel she has been toward you). If she cant be a woman an speak on how she has been with the rudeness or at least so compassion or concern with how you opened up. Well let her have it dont be rude just tell her what you find to be unacceptable around you. As for bonding with you rmom ,if she is actually taking bonding time away from you tell your mom or at least tell her how you feel. Let you mom know that you dont want anything to override you mother-daughter bonding

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