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My son is almost 14 months old and he has a huge bugbite on his leg..what ca i use on it?..He goes to the doct. thurs...but im worried about this bite. It looks like its throbbing...how do i know if its west nile or anything worse than a simple bug bite???


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West Nile virus does not cause huge throbbing sores. The symptoms of WNV can range from headache, fatigue, fever, chills, joint and muscle aches, nausea and vomiting, and in rare cases a rash on the trunk of the body. It just sounds like an infected bite. Put antibiotic cream on it and DON'T LANCE IT. You can soak it in warm water with some epsom salt to help the swelling. If it starts to look like a pimple (red, swollen with a white "head") he absolutely should see the doctor. Do not attempt to lance, "pop", or drain the bite yourself. You son is probably just fine but may be in some discomfort. Apply an antibiotic cream with a pain relief in the cream. A cold compress may also help. Good luck!

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i use sudocrem for everything its got anticeptic stuff in so it should help =]


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The other thing I thought of when I saw this question is staff. My son gets staff infections easily through skin wounds/bites. You may want to get that checked out. There are antibiotic ointments that can be prescribed as well as oral medications. For my son, we just use the ointment. Regular antibiotics can help for now until the doctor checks it. They can take a swab of it and run a test to see if it's positive for staff. The most concerning would be if it's MRSA because that is very resistant to medication and can spread. Good luck!

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if he got west nile he would be sick like a flu or a cold like kinda sign and anit ich ice.... benadril... im allergic to insect bites and stings but i dont need the shot but if i get bit that area will swell most of the time right now i have a bite on the back of my leg just above the cafe that is huge now and ive got a frozen teething ring on it{ ice packs werent frozen :( } cuz the anti ich was not working but that is a few things you can do for it when the welt or whatever goes down put anti ich on it so he doesnt scratch it and it should go away in a few days if the bite looks like it has a buddle just take a needle and poke the bubble and let the stuff drain out it will or should {if its a misqeto bite} be a clear yellowish stuff when you wipe it off with a paper towel but dont freak out if it does have a bubble he isnt going to get sick or anything if that happens as far as i know only if he has something like west nile which i bet he doesnt have i have like 20 bits on me right now and im not really worried even though my area is one with west nile {i think} good luck get him checked for insect bites and sting allergies wouldnt doubt it if he is

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I agree you should at least call your doctor and describe it to make sure it's not something serious. You could also call the poison control center and describe it to them. Sometimes they are much more knowledgeable than doctors about what a poisonous bite looks like and they can recommend the best course of action.

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if it looks worse then a regular mosquito bite, call the doctor. It is possiable that it was a spider or another insect that bit him. West nile bites are not really worse than a regular bite- it just happens to contain a disease. Spider bites can be deadly- or just look bad- or your son could be allergic to whatever bit him. I'd call the peditrician and just get insite, and see if he or she wnats to see your son. My daughter got a spider bite about that age- and was allergic so it swelled she was given a steroid cream for it. Its just always better safe than sorry.

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