C-Section jitters: Has anyone had experience with how hospital staff responded if you freaked out severely before a C-section?

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I know that it's way too early to be freaking out over this. But, I have PTSD because of traumatic gynecological procedures as a kid, and this is how my brain ticks, so bear with me. Between us, my shrink, my OB and way too much research, we've decided that an elective c-section with spinal is probably the option where I can cope with most of the stuff involved (the rest have ended in scenes better left alone). But I'm know that at some point, I will most likely get anxious and it will escalate quickly. I'm really worried that if it does escalate, force and restraint may be used to make me cooperate because they're reluctant to give anxiety meds. Granted, I'm pretty sure doing that to an adult would be considered assault of some kind but NO ONE would talk to me about it and it's freaking me out.

Does anyone have their experiences to share? What treatment did you get when you freaked out prior to a c-section and all the deep breathing/visualization/distraction stuff didn't work?


Chet - posted on 02/28/2014




I haven't been in exactly the same situation, but similar. I've found that if the staff know in advance about the issues I have it helps a lot. My experience is that people will help as much as they can if you communicate your issues and are clear about how you are feeling, what you need, etc. It helps too if you know what their limitations are as well. Understand the policies and procedures - what is necessary and possible, and what is not.

Good communication helps my anxiety a lot, as does really good support from staff. I find that if the situation is approached such that we are all on the same team trying to avoid a freak out things go much better than if I start to freak out and my upset just seems random and excessive to the staff. In my case, nothing will escalate a situation more quickly than if I sense hospital staff rushing me, or getting frustrated or annoyed.

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