calm bed time? is it possible he doesnt like his bassinet?

Jayme - posted on 09/17/2009 ( 11 moms have responded )




How do I get my 7 week old to go to bed calmly? He will fall asleep anywhere but as soon as I move him to his bassinet, he cries non stop. I can move him to another spot and he wont scream. Is it possible he doesnt like that bed? Although I have changed the mattress and bedding to see if that helps but no. Ideas?


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Kristy - posted on 09/25/2009




Alyssa was the same way. The only thing that helped was to put my t-shirt in with her. She could smell me and I guess it soothed her.

Christine - posted on 09/18/2009




I would try having a flannel sheet or something warm and cozy for the bedding under your baby so the cold of a sheet will not startle him. Also standing in the room where the bassinet is for a while before putting him in and playing some soft music so you are not going from a noisy area to a silent area. Good luck! Hang in there!

Hannah - posted on 09/18/2009




We co-slept and had no problems getting sleep. My daughter now three, nursed and slept through the night. I'm also reading "Nighttime Parenting" by William Sears, MD.....I recommend it to any mom. Great book!

Stormy - posted on 09/18/2009




Our daughter didn't like her bassinet eather my mom told me to try her in her crib and that was it she was fine, i think she didn't like to be confined, she didn't like to be swaddled eather. Hope i've helpped in someway or another. Good luck!! :)

Veronica - posted on 09/18/2009




My son didn't like the bassinet either. He would only sleep in the crib, playpen, or on my bed. I don't know what it was.

Jennifer - posted on 09/18/2009




My daughter did the same thing. We tried EVERYTHING- tried music for her to listen to, kept a nightlight on, inclined the mattress so she wasn't lying flat, even put our clothing inside the bassinet with her so she could smell us at night. Nothing worked. Since my husband was working, each night I'd leave our room with her and go downstairs to sleep. After 6 weeks of not sleeping in my own bed, I gave up and swallowed my fears of her being in her own room and put her in her crib. That very first night, she slept the ENTIRE night. I don't know what it was, but she hated her bassinet. She'd sleep everywhere, but there. I'd say if you're running out of options, try putting him in his playpen at night (if you have the space in your room, you could move it into your room at night so he's not in his own room yet) or you could do like I did and just move him to his crib. It just may be the trick that works. Good luck!

Alysha - posted on 09/18/2009




if you don't already have something that makes calming [ocean or raining] noises, take a blanket and an old fashioned [ticking] clock...wrap the clock in the blanket and put it by baby's head (they're SO used to hearing your heartbeat that they miss the calming noise, this will help. the blanket will slightly muffle the sound of the alarm clock and it will sound like a heart beat). also if you can, try lavender cream, or even oil, put it on something that will be near your babies face so that he can smell it, it's very calming, I believe it's Johnson and Johnson that makes the lavender bath wash and body lotion :)

Alissa - posted on 09/18/2009




My son is the same way at 2 weeks! The first week he would sleep in there and through the night. Now anytime I put him in there he is crying so hard! SOmeone told me to put something in there that smells like me, I havent done it yet, but I think I am going to try during the day. Poor kid is in his swing at night so I can actually sleep! Good luck, if anything works for you, let me know!

Loni - posted on 09/17/2009




The same thing happened with my daughter! She refused to sleep in her bassinet, no matter what time of day it was. I tried everything! Finally after hardly any sleep, I splurged and bought a new one that rocks and was a bit smaller. Worked like a charm! She started sleeping through the night in less than a week! Im still not sure why she didnt like the first one....I guess babies have their prefferences too?? :D Good luck!!

Rachael - posted on 09/17/2009




My son did that too. He may feel claustrophobic with the enclosure areound him. My son still hates blankets and will cry until he has kicked them off when I put them on him regardless of how cold it is.

Pamela - posted on 09/17/2009





I would suggest that you put something in there that smells like you, like a blanket or sheet that you have layed on or cuddled for a while it might help him to settle. You could also try laying him in there while he is awake so he gets used to being in there. He may just be reacting to being moved and waking up in an unfamiliar area. Just keep trying it may take a little while but he should settle. Goodluck

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