Camping with a 10 Month Old

Melissa - posted on 07/02/2009 ( 8 moms have responded )




Hello There,

At the end of June we are planning a 3 day camping trip with friends. We are sleeping in a tent and I have a few concerns that our son might not sleep well. I was wondering if there are any tips or suggestions anyone might have on making this trip a success with a baby. From sleeping to eating to things to do. Anything is welcome. Thanks Everyone!


Jennifer - posted on 07/02/2009




We are going camping this weekend with our 7 month old. We also went a month ago and he was fine. We brought... jumperoo (or excersaucer), portable highchair, pack n play (to sleep in), playpen with bug net over top (to play in outside), and stroller. We bought a gallon jug of water just for making bottles. Instead of bringing the box of baby cereal to mix, we bought the jars of cereal with the fruit already mixed. Now for the bugs, we bought the new OFF fans that you can clip on. We would not clip it on him, but near him. If he was in the stroller, we clipped it on there. If he was in the playpen, we clipped it on that. It worked great! He did not get one single bug bite! Hope this helps a little!

Ashley - posted on 07/02/2009




The most important thing is to recognize that as much as you want to go, and want to make it a great time, you may need to pack up and come home early... just like you prepare for a c-section even though chances are it'll be a natural birth... Besides that, It's just about planning (we leave tomorrow for a camping trip with 4&6 yr olds, been doing it for yrs).... The sleeping isn't usually a problem, just because they are soooo tired from all the fun and excitement... things to do, well, just having nature is something to do for kids that age,'s so fun to watch them exploring...Eating can be tricky, it takes a lot of planning, once our plans blew up and we ate hotdogs for 2 days, but that's the thing, you just have to go with the flow, pack lots of little snacks, anything that doesn't have to stay cold is awesome, and most of all, lots of liquids, juice, water, powdered milk can be gross, but much easier... and don't foget the bandaids and polysporin... never go camping with out it...


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Melissa - posted on 07/05/2009




Thanks so much everyone for all the wonderful ideas and advice, This is going to be one fun trip!!!!

Carrie - posted on 07/02/2009




We are also going on a weekend camping trip with our 10 month old. Our oldest son is 7 now. He's a professional camper. His first trip, he was 1.5mos old! It's a little bit tougher with mobile babies tho! We took our PnP for naps with a bug screen over the top. Meal times was fun! My Hub held him and I held his plate! With snacks or finger foods we'd put him back in the PnP with a sheet under him so his mess was easy to clean up. As for things to easy to set up exersaucer or Hop and Pop type thing is great! There's so much to see that they forget about the toys and just look around! Swimming is great of course and walks on the beach! Stick his feet in the water, check out the marina and all the boats, watch the boats out in the lake, let him wander around in the grass or sand...let him get a little dirty! Our lake has infant swings on the playground. Oh and it's a good idea to take a bathtub for little one. The water pressure at most of the camping sites we've been to is really strong. Now I'm getting excited for our little mans first trip!! Have fun!

Brenale - posted on 07/02/2009




I've been taking my daugter camping and hunting since she was 3 mounths old. since it wont be freezing out have him sleep in his car seat next to you. they make a wonderful tent heater also that u can get a just click it on at night if it gets a little to cold. i would pack meals that he would eat at home. if its baby food then great already to go for ya. a play pen is great also. if the bugs are too bad, you can put him in there till you get things set up also. don't put to much on him! if you are worryed about something then he will too. just act as if it's an every day thing that you are doing. but if you try and sleep with him in the same bed you are staring something that will contieu at home. car seats are something that they are use to sleeping in and if he wakes and just wants a little rock then you're set. he'll only do as bad as u stress about. good luck

Kelly - posted on 07/02/2009




My son is 7 months old and we are going camping this weekend.....what i do for his bed is just put him in the middle of the tent and put pillows on both sides of him, i have found that makes it easier for him to fall asleep cuz its like a barrier to keep him from rolling all over the for feeding i just take 2 gallons of water that are just for his formula then just baby food and i try to make some of our meals baby friendly that way he can eat more with us.....and i have a baby chair that attaches to the end of the picinc for stuff for baby to do.....i take an old blanket and the walker and his fav. toys and that usually keeps him busy, and he always sleeps well cuz we are outdoors all day....and i also take him swimming........hope this helped.....and have fun camping

Jamie - posted on 07/02/2009




I would say to suggest it being a little easier for your little one make sure for sleeping arrangements to bring maybe something that they normally sleep with at home, a favorite blankie maybe. Try to use some of the bedding out of the baby's crib to help make a bed for the baby in the tent. Bring favorite toys. I know for me feeding it semi-easy because i have a portable high chair which would be very convenient for feeding on the go. Now if your baby is all over the place like my 10 month old my mother in law was telling me when she went camping and had to say cook close by she would zip the tent up but leave the screens open so she could see her boys since she had twins and would let them crawl around inside the tent and they were visible too. So they weren't crawling in things that they shouldn't be in and they were happy 'cause they were free, you might try that, im going to try it out myself. Hope this was somewhat helpful =) Have a great camping trip!

Camille - posted on 07/02/2009




I've been wanting to go camping with my 11 month old daughter and I keep putting it off because of the worry she won't take well to it. She's always been fussy about where she sleeps. She's always had to be in a crib or play pen since she was about 4 months old. Thanks for posting this, it's given me a little more encouragement to do it.

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