Can anyone relate?

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My 3 year old son is pretty much potty trained. He knows how to pee and poop in the potty. Isnt even scared of it! It was him that let us know that he was ready to potty train. The problem I have is, is he wont go all the time. My husband and I will ask him through out the day if he needs to go potty, ask him again when we have to go potty, and even when he gets up or has been playing for awhile. His answer usually is no. And then fights us on it and screams that he doesnt have to go. Then five minutes later he will say that he has to go, we let him, and he will just sit or stand there. Its like he gets side tracked. When we get him in the bathroom, (he follows us in there) he will try and usually will go. Just cant get him to go all the time. Any ideas, tips, tricks, etc? We even have the treat system. He gets two resses pieces for going potty. Or if he has an empty cup, and wants another one, he has to go potty first. (He will literally drink all day if we would let him)


Katrina - posted on 07/24/2012




How about a ping-pong ball in the loo? (if he is using the big toilet)
They float, so it won't be flushed down, and because it bobs in the water, makes great fun for target practice :)
You could also decorate it with permanent markers first (as a target for example).

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