Can I upgrade my babys carseat??

Whitney - posted on 02/03/2013 ( 6 moms have responded )




What are the official requirements for an upright carseat? And fellow mom, what are the ages you actually upgraded your baby to an upright carseat?


Liz - posted on 02/03/2013




Most "upright" car seats will accommodate a newborn, although I don't know many parents that use them, since the infant carriers are a lot more convenient at that age. My infant car seat went up to 20 pounds, but I took my child out at around 15 pounds and put them in a rear facing upright car seat. I switched them because I was tired of carrying them around in the carrier as they were getting heavy and I have back problems.

The law is 20 pounds and 1 year, but the recommendation is to keep your child rear facing for as long as possible, or until age 2. You will have to check out your specific car seat (or the one you are considering purchasing) to know for sure the height and weight requirements for rear or forward facing.

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What you want to do is look into the laws of your state, because each state requirement is different. The best and safest way for children to ride is in a rear facing, five point harness until they are 3 (even if you think they are too big, or their legs are bent up to their chest). It is also to safest to keep them in a five point harness for as long as possible (there are booster seats that offer the five point). Aside from that, each car seat has a height and weight requirement. You may also inquire with your pediatrician. I personally had both of my children forward facing in convertible facing car seats around age 1, but that was the recommendation when my first was born, and my second was huge (and I had a little car). Hope that answers your question. You could also talk to your local firefighter or police officer, seeing as they are usually are trained or are affiliated with someone who is trained in car seat instillation and use. Good luck :)

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Each carseat is going to be different. Look at your weight and height requirements on your current carseat. If your child is still in those ranges then you are fine with still using that carseat. If your child is above those requirements then you must advance to a newer carseat that fits your child. By law a child must be rear facing until they are 20 pounds AND 1 yr. old. So if your child is over the weight limit on your current carseat but is under 1 yr. you must look for a carseat that can be both rear and forward facing as you will have to have them rear facing until age 1. If your child is over the age of 1 yr. and 20 pounds then you can look at either those that do both the rear and forward facing as those will still be in your child's weight and height limit. Or you can look at just the forward facing ones making sure your child meets the height and weight requirements for that carseat.

As far as when do most people change carseats it really just depends on the baby and the carseat they have. With two of my children the infant carseat I had only went up to 20 pounds and both my kids were 20 pounds before they were 1 yr. old, so we had to buy the next size carseat that allowed us to do both rear and forward facing. With my third child the infant carseat I had went up to 30 pounds. We were able to keep her in that seat until she was 15 months then she became too tall for the seat and was above the height requirements. Since she was 20 pounds AND 1 yr. we went right to a forward facing carseat that she met the height and weight requirements with.

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I know that it needs to be within the expiration date (that might be a given though). It might also depend from child to child sine some children grow up a tad faster than others in length and size. I'd just make sure that your baby is comfortable, if your baby is no longer comfortable in the other carseat you have - then it's time to get a new one. In general though whenever you feel up to upgrading, it's not a bad idea as long as it fits your kid ^^ I hope everything works out for you


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The aap is now suggesting 2 and 30 lbs to switch from rear facing to forward facing. As far as your question there are seats that fit from 5lbs to 45 lbs that are considered convertible. Those seats go from rear facing to forward facing. You will have to watch though with the way its supposed to be installed. We had the fire department install our seats because that was recommended by our pediatrician to get the seats in properly. Good luck with your search for the right seat.

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