Can my inlaws try to take away my daughter now that her dad is in prison for 8-20 years ?

Blanca - posted on 12/22/2013 ( 4 moms have responded )




I married my bf when I was 3 months pregnant. My whole pregnancy he left me at home crying every weekend while he was out partying, drinking & at clubs with his friends. He had gotten a DUI & bodily harm felony count from an accident he had 3 years ago & he had a alcohol monitoring bracelet on & was getting put in to prison this October. He would actually tamper w/ the bracelet so he could drink & he got caught so he is now in prison for 8-20 years. He treated me bad, he yelled at me, he would make me cry a lot, I'd get messages from girls saying he cheated on me, he would come home at 6am fri, sat & sun. & when I told his mom that I didn't think it was right for him to leave me alone all the time she said I had to deal w/ it. (We lived with them)

Now he is in prison & I want to file my divorce. I stayed during my pregnancy because I wanted my daughter to have her dad with her Atleast for the month of Sept before he went to prison.

He treated me like total crap but his parents look at me like IM the one who messed up.

Is there any way they can try to take my daughter away from me ?
I've been looking for a job & she is now 3 months old but I've had no luck. My mom & sister help me out w/ expenses while I find a job.

Every time I think about them my stomach hurts :( I don't want to loose my daughter. She's my everything & I do everything to take care of her, no one helps me.

Does anyone know about divorce & custody that can help me ? Please I really need to know.


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LalaBoom - posted on 12/27/2013




You need to file hard and file first but not against the grandparents, against your ex.

LEAVE NOW. Like, leave their home when you were three months pregnant.

They can't simply take her away, but as grandparents, they can make a case for it especially since they have legal rights should they choose to enforce them. They witnessed the abuse you "allowed" while pregnant thus they can argue you endangered the child while pregnant. It also sounds as though you are, 1. homeless, 2. jobless- if they make a case for it, these are things they can use against you.

I work within the system and I can tell you, don't bother lawyering up: LEAVE. It doesn't matter if you lawyer up while living under their roof. Can you move into your mom's home or a friend's?

Teknika - posted on 12/26/2013




I have a question to post. Has anyone on here has had a crelage done and if so did it help you to carry your baby full term, and are there any risks or complications.

Landa Du - posted on 12/24/2013




Unless they have grounds to stand on to say you are incapable of taking care of her, you have nothing to worry about. You are very brave by being a single parent and am doing a great job. So don't stress!

Jodi - posted on 12/23/2013




I highly doubt they can take your daughter away, but depending on the laws where you live, they could exercise grandparent rights and file for visitation. You probably should talk to a lawyer.

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