Can some one answer my question of incontinence?

Valerie - posted on 01/19/2013 ( 5 moms have responded )




I was not incontinent after I had my son, it has been about 9 months now and I am starting to become so, I leak when I laugh, cough, sneeze. Is it normal for this to start so late after having my son? Please help =(


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I think its very normal for any woman to have this no matter when it happened after birth. After birth for me wasnt as bad as it is now, but I have been trying to strengthen muscles (it is weird) but it does work! Start doing kegals three times a day 30 reps each time. Take at least 2-3 seconds per one. Also when you do urinate in mid stream try to stop all together, hold for 10 seconds if you can, then release. Do this everytime you urinate. Things will get better. I have been doing this and i have seen improvement! Hope this helps you!


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Delia - posted on 02/07/2013




It sounds like you have stress incontinence. There is help available. Look for a physical therapist who specializes in pelvic floor issues. Kegels can be helpful, but it's helpful to have a feedback system which shows when the mucsle is fatqued etc and how hard/if you're squeezing properly.

The incontinence is usually caused by an episiotomy (cuts through the muscles and weakens them) and or being told to grab your breath and bear down to a count of 10 called "directed pushing" (strains and distends your pelvic floor downward). If you have another baby, make sure you don't let the nurse or docor direct your pushing, rather push when you feel the urge to push only!

Billiejean - posted on 01/21/2013




yes because of the cath being in there while your in labor the whole is larger then normel if the amont of times it happens increases or it dosnr become less and less over time you should call your ob

Michelle - posted on 01/19/2013




Just as Stacy has said.

Do the exercises and you will slowly regain the strength.

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