Can their birthday be too extravagant?

Xandra - posted on 07/14/2009 ( 3 moms have responded )




I feel like i want my kids birthdays to be awesome, all my life my mum has been the quintessential cookies and milk mum, we had awesome birthdays and i want to hold up the tradition, ive been planning my bub's first birthday for the last six months and there is still 3 months to there anyone else out there who goes to extraordinary lengths to make their kids birthdays the best on the block...??


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Ashley - posted on 07/14/2009




I guess it depends on what his birthday means to you. For me, their birthday's are a celebration of them,their lives,their place in the universe and what they have brought to my life. When they wake up on the morning of their birthday's, i take curling ribbon and tie it to their doorknob. It weaves through the house stopping at each picture of them, the chair I rocked them in, the spot where they colored on the wall for the first time, secret napping places (under the table etc...), where they made their forts, the rosebush we planted together etc. Before they come out of their bedroom, I tell them again about how I planned them and what the day they were born was like then we walk it together and I tell them the stories behind each thing, usually funny. They LOVE it. I frequently hear (at least daily) "mama tell me a baby story". We then have a breakfast of their choice and sit down and give the gifts we've bought them. Later in the day we have dinner with friends and family so they can share in their day and we have cake. It's so very important for children to know their beginnings, where they stand and where they can go from here. They need to know how important and unique they are and how they make this life better by their very existence. Their birthday will be as awesome as you make it. What kind of awesome do you want it to be? If you need to rent a bigger bouncy house than the Jones' had,then go for it! These are the moments you and your child will always remember, celebrate any way you choose,just don't forget to check the camera for batteries because sometimes your memory will need some jogging!

Miranda - posted on 07/14/2009




My son is only 2 and I start planning months ahead! I have a big cookout with all of our friends and family. I usually spend between $500 and $600 for the party and his gifts. I know it may be for my benefit too, but as a child i got big parties and i loved it! And its a chance for all of our close friends and family to get together and have a good time. When he gets older, im sure he will want to change things, but until then we're having big fun cookouts!

Nicole - posted on 07/14/2009




I honestly think big parties are more for the parent's benefit, especially when they're too little to care. We never had big parties. We were all summer babies so we just had friends over and went swimming and had cake. I do think the first birthday is a big to-do though, moreso for the parents. The baby's not gonna care! I would like to keep my kids' parties simple, but we'll see how that goes! My son will be 1 in December (how time flies!) and we don't have any plans yet.

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