Can you share your accident stories?

Kelly - posted on 09/02/2009 ( 10 moms have responded )




This morning when I went to drop Bryanna(10) off at school, I didn't know her car door was opened and I went to pull her closer to the door and she fell out of the car. She is okay, THANK GOD, but I can not stop thinking about what could have happened. This is our first accident ever in 10 years, but I am taking it really rough. Can you share an accident story so I can wrap my head around the fact that this happens to the best Moms?


Breanne - posted on 09/02/2009




Oh, I've got one for ya :)

My daughter was about 2 and half, and we were doing the whole potty training thing. Well, we're in the mall, and she just has to go right now! So, I struggle with the stroller, the bag, and her, thru a very heavy bathroom door. She pees, I help wash her hands, and I'm trying to manuever back out of this ridiculously heavy door. I had gotten her out first, and was backing out with the stroller. I hand't noticed her hand was right in the door jamb near the hinge, and after pulling the stroller thru, I just let it close, happy to be not stuck in the bathroom door. It took her about 3 seconds before she started screaming her lungs out, and then I realized her ring finger of her right hand had gotten pinched between the door and the jamb.

I dropped the bag, and shoved the door open again. The tip of her ring finger right above the first knuckle had been almost sheared completely off by the door, and was bleeding everywhere. I wrapped a burp-cloth over it, and went in search of help. Thankfully, and elderly man was able to give us a ride to an urgent care clinic close by, where they wrapped her finger and let us borrow a carseat (I was traveling by bus, and didn't have hers with me that day). He then drove us to the ER, and even waited until they took us back to be seen before he left.

They managed to stitch the tip of her finger back together, and warned we might lose the nail and the matrix of it had been severely damaged. Luckily, the nail stayed on, just had a horrible blood blister under it for a few months.

Now, you have to look closely at her finger to see where the damage was (she's 7).

Nichole - posted on 09/02/2009




You have to remember things happen. My son is a dare devil even at this age. He has so many accdents I can even begin to tell you. He has rolled down a hill and ended going over the curb, using his head as the stopper. I was so scared, but he got up laughing saying mommy did you see. He has put a pail on his head and started to run around the house and slamed into a wall. He also did what your daughter did. I let him out of his car seat before I was out of the car (I have a 2 door SUV). I opened his door and he was so excited to get out that he climbed to the passanger seat and as I went to lift to lift him out he jumped but fell instead and hit his head. Yet once again I was nervous and scared. He started to cry but he turned out to be fine. He than started to laugh and said mommy do again. So please don't worry. We try to do our best, but things just happen.

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I was pushing my stepdaughter on the swing at the park and ended up pushing her off the swing. She was mad at me afterward and ran to her daddy to tell on me. Good times!

Audrey - posted on 09/02/2009




Just a month ago, my youngest child who is 18 months old was playing outside. I ran inside for a minute to grab something. He decided to get on his sister's dora quad and he rode it right down 4 feet of concrete steps. It was the worst experience! He wouldn't stop crying so I took him to the hospital. His whole face was bruised and cut up. They told me he possibly had a concussion. But, he's fine now :) I really think God sent his angels to watch over him that day because it could've been a lot worse! God bless you!

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I have a lot of accident stories for you. I slammed my sons fingers in the van door when he was about 14months old, I freaked out and ran to a subway crying and asking for some ice then we took him to the hospital cuz I didnt know if I broke his fingers, I just overreacted.

a few months later I was fixing my hair and my son grabbed the curling iron before I could say stop he had blisters on his fingers

My second son was in his carseat in the stroller and my husband had both boys and went up the escaltor my oldest got scared and my husband tried to hold onto the stroler but tiped it and my son fell out at only 2months old the spikes hit the top of his head blood was everywhere, I was out looking for a job at the mall, my husband called me I ran to them grabed the baby ran to the bathroom washed his head and we took him to the doctors, I had a great doctor then and they stayed open for us to get there.

I felt horrible when these things happened but they are accidents, and we learn form them.

I even know of a story that a mom took her kids to daycare, she had to slam on the brakes well she didnt know that her daughters carseat was not buckled in, but her daughter was buckeldto the seat the carseat went flying forward with her daught strapped in, none of these accidents were life threatning. Sorry to ramble but it happens, your daughter was 10 your situation doesn't sound as bad as any of mine hope you feel better


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Lyndsay - posted on 09/02/2009




Fortunately I've never had anything like this happen to me. I think you just really have to keep your eyes open and look out for problems BEFORE they happen.

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our first major accident was that my son fell down the stairs going into the basement (he was about 16 months), no permanent damage :)

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it happens to the best of us.

All we can do as parents to learn from our mistakes and move on and try not to repeat the past. Thats what i honestly believe this is what makes a difference and makes parents exceptional parents

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I know it could have been so much worse, and I seriously am so thankful that nothing bad happened, I am just over protective as it is and I can't believe my daughter could have been hurt cause her Mom is a jerk. OMG what was I thinking?

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ok here's a good one for you.

u know the little sign on the trolly that says dont put kids in the basket well i did. and we had this game to pass the time by spinning the trolly - well long story short she fell out passed out and ended up in hospital. So lets say the kids dont sit in the trolly at all now (not even in the top part)

My son was learning to stand and we were at playgroup and he stood up on my partner - my partner had his arm around him but he wiggled out smashed his head passed out had an impact convulsion and was in and out of consciousness for the 20 min car ride to the hospital needed a CT scan

both are ok though - and we are not exactly dumb parents i am a young parent educator, a breastfeeding counsellor, plus studying primary education to be a teacher....

So rest assured it can happen to the best of us

hopefully one day you are able to have a little chuckle about it

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