changing my babies formula!

Deena - posted on 09/24/2010 ( 3 moms have responded )




So my sons formula was recalled and as a mother I personally do not feel comfortable giving him any Similac products for a while. My son will be 10 months October 14th. So it's not going to be to much longer till he is on formula.. but I was wondering how difficult it can or will be to change his formula. He has been on Similac Sensitive RS/Spit up.. I am going to change him over to Enfamil AR Lipil.. Please mom I am looking for your expierences and what nots! Thank you!


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This happens when things are ground into fine powder. Similac did a voluntary recall and there is no reason to switch. At 10 months your kids has probably eaten bugs of some sort anyways. If people keep over reacting over this people could lose there jobs.

Rebecca - posted on 09/28/2010




I agree with Delaney. It's best to ween your child off of a formula that they have been eating for a while. I had to change my daughter's formula quite suddenly, unfortunately, but she was allergic to the ones before and causing her to have blood in her stool. So unless it's causing your baby some serious distress, as it's not, considering you're only switching because of the recall, definitely ween. Your son's pediatrician would have lots of easy tips for doing so :)

Dmaxwell0008 - posted on 09/24/2010




there is a certain way to switch formulas, you have to wean him off one and slowly onto another. but i had to do this with my daughter before all these recalls because she never drank a whole bottle until she was switched to goodstart. poor girl couldnt tell me and went forever on it. i felt like i was starving her after i realized it was the formula that was the problem! but i completely agree it wont be long til your baby is off formula so switching now is okay

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