Changing the wiggler

Dana - posted on 08/27/2009 ( 2 moms have responded )




My daughter is 11 months old she's very fiesty. She's been walking since she was 9 months. well she's running now. I can't get her to lay still for me to change her diaper for anything.i've tried getting her to drink while i'm changing her i've tried giving her toys. i've tried barracading her in so she can't move. it doesn't work. Does anybody have any suggestions that might work???? Also i can't keep her in the seat belt on grocery carts she stands up and gets out of them.even when they're really tight.



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Kristin - posted on 08/28/2009




I have that problem with my son, Noah, who'll be 2 in November. He wiggles and throws fits when I change him. What I do, though, and it helps most of the time anyways...I sing to him. Its my way of distracting him while I'm trying to do something he hates. I'm a terrible singer, but I'll even find him sometimes singing with me. It's rather cute.

as far as the seat belt on the cart, I agree with Holly. Strap it around her hips. She may throw a fit, but atleast she'll be safe. I made the mistake once to let my daughter, Hayden (who's three now) to be seated without the seatbelt. I looked away for two seconds, I look back and she's on the floor because she stood up and fell out. It was not only embarrassing, but I felt like a terrible parent. I'd rather my kids throw the biggest fits in the world and be safe than me feeling like a terrible parent for not doing something that would take 5 seconds to do.

Holly - posted on 08/28/2009




You've go a livewire on your hands by the sounds of it!

On the nappy changeing subject... It will take a bit but things will change. you wil just have to be stern with her. You are the mum, so show her who's boss! Same goes with the grocery carts you just have to keep putting her back in and tell her to stay put. Try putting the belt around her hips instead of her tummy. that way you can tighten it more and she will find it harder to break free. The wriggling goes on for a few mor months i'm afraid... You need to make her understand that she can't stand up in the cart or she will fall. Even pretend to let her fall. she will get scared and sit i'm sure of it. My 2 and ahalf yr old did this. He wouldn't stay put till my Mum let him think he was going to fall out and he was so muh better after that. Hope this helps.

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