Cheated on while pregnant

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I am twenty years old and seven months pregnant with my first baby. I live with my Fiance of six years and I thought we had something special. I always had a feeling that he would cheat. I dont know why though because he has always been such a good guy. I made a fake account and pretended to be another girl interested in him. And, he fell for it. He exchanged photos with her. And, then he asked to meet up with her. He lied to me and said that he had to run to walmart to get a drill for work. He kissed me good bye and went to a apartment complex where he thought this girl lived and told her he wanted to have sex and he waited and waited for her until I said "fuck you" and then he knew he was caught. I am so numb right now and I am confused, hurt and scared. I dont even know what to do.


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sorry your having to go through this, especially while being pregnant. But you know the saying once a cheater, always a cheater. your still VERY young and can/will find someone who deserves YOU! Please get out of this relationship, it's not worth it...I always told my ex if he wanted to cheat just let me know and he can leave...but if he cheated on me, he was also cheating on our family....i guess you can try to look at it the same...

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