Cheating husband ????

Melanie - posted on 11/16/2010 ( 6 moms have responded )




Ok so my husband whom ive been with for 6 years had these warts come out about a year ago.He finaly got checked out because they were getting out of control. So this he week he tells me the doctor told him its genital warts wich means=STD now this is supose to be able to live in yr body for a long time with out is 5 years pushing it a bit?? let me know what u think i looked online and no good awnsers.
Thank you


Chrystal - posted on 11/17/2010




If you want my honest opinion, it sounds like your husband cheated on you. I'm so sorry you have to go through that. I hope things get better.


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Carolyn - posted on 11/17/2010




unless anyone who has commented on here is a doctor , you cannot possibly put stock in what they say as far as medical condition symptoms etc, and take it as an indication he has cheated. talk to a doctor !!! im sure there is somekind of health helpline you can call? talk to the professionals.

Stifler's - posted on 11/17/2010




Some strains of warts aren't even visible. I'd be more worried about getting yourself checked for possible HPV/cancer cells in your uterus. My MIL and FIL's wife both had to have hysterectomies because he had genital warts that weren't visible and they went to get a pap smear and it came up and he got tested and had it. The cheating is a whole other story and I have no answer to that, but I reckon 5 years is pushing it.

Sarh - posted on 11/16/2010




"A person who has been exposed to genital warts may have warts appear any time from several weeks to several months after exposure. Sometimes warts can take even longer to appear;"

Here is where I got that from...

From that I don't think 5yrs is pushing it as it can live in the body for a long period of time (which I see you already know) in which they are not exactly sure about. Now you say you have been w/him for 6yrs, but you asked if 5yrs was pushing it... Does this mean he cheated after a yr of being together? If so I believe that would make it more likely to cheat again. Have you discussed this w/him and the doctor? See if the doctor could tell you about how long he thinks your husband has had the infection? Could your husband have been a carrier for HPV (guys are carriers, but normally are not contagious, not too sure about any further detail on the matter).

Sorry, I may not have been much help. Do you not trust what your husband has told you? Do you have a reason to?

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