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Jacey - posted on 10/10/2012 ( 3 moms have responded )




My husband works very crazy shift works hours leaving me to pretty well be a single mom sadly. My son and daughter have no respect fo rme or things I say or ANY kinda of discipline I give them, tried times outs, tried spankin bottoms, taking fave tis/things, away etc etc.. nothing seems to work, anyone have any suggestions as a single parent how to get your kid to be respectful to you-also we have no family near by and not a whole lot of friends to really be social with ppl as much as we'd like..trying but hard moving to new areas...


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Monica - posted on 10/11/2012




Incentives work very well for children. Have you considered using a behavior chart to motivate your kids to change their behavior? You can list the things they need to accomplish (try to keep it short, simple, and specific -- use a separate chart for each child) in order to earn a reward that day. I would suggest starting with only one or two goals. Choose the behaviors that are most concerning to you first. Perhaps the goals are not to talk back and to listen when they are spoken to. They might be able to earn things for reaching these goals such as playing a game with you, watching their favorite cartoon, getting an ice cream, choosing a prize from a prize box (things you can get at a dollar store), etc. You can work on short term rewards in the beginning (one day at a time) and then gradually work towards bigger incentives for achieving their goals over longer periods of time. Ask them what they would like to work towards earning and you can all come up with a list you can agree upon.

I hope this helps!

Ashley - posted on 10/11/2012




I have the same problem with my boys. It even got to the point where they would get up in the morning and ask me if daddy works tonight, just so they know if they can be bad or not. I have really had to put my foot down lately. There was a day a couple weeks ago when dad was at work and they completly trashed my house i had just deep cleaned the day before. I was soooo mad. So i left the mess, which is something i never do. But when my husband got home and saw it he asked what happened, and thought i was sick. I explained the whole day to him, like i always do, but he never realized it was so bad cuz he always came home to a clean house til that day. He woke my kids up and lectured them for 2 hours and told them they were grounded the next day and that this house better be spotless when he got home the next day. So when he got up for work at 6 that sunday morning i got up with him and woke my kids up. They had breakfast and got dressed. Then they cleaned and cleaned and cleaned. They spent the whole day cleaning, and i found extra cleaning for them to do. When my husband got home from work they were sitting on the couch and stayed there til dinner, then had a bath and went to bed. I havnt had near as many problems since that day because they know they will be doing it again.

Cheryl - posted on 10/11/2012




i sorta have the same problem with 11 year old she disrespect me alot to i just make her do chores take away her fav things ground her it dosent allways work but it dose for a little bit and i dont have a lot of people to social with either maybe try pribes like going to park or the zoo or even the movies things they like to do as a family work out what they like and try it out or even pocket money hope this helps a bit and i hope you get the respect you deserve as a mum

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