Childs father wanted to be friends

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Over 6 months ago my childs father told me he wanted to be friends. We've been together since 15 high school we are 26 now n & off the whole time . When i found out I was pregnant we weren't in a relationshiP at the time but he told me we could work omething out. When I was about 7 months he proposed to me i said yes. Baby came things were good. I was making more money so i paid the rent he paid lights&cable. One day I come home from work he tells me he and the baby went to the movie with him and his bestfriend who is a girl. I was pissed I told him to get out. I check his fb and he asking a girl to go to breakfast with him. I let him back in because I felt I had no other help with my daughter. No $ for childcare I he watched her while I worked because he worked evenings. One day he went through my phone and say I saw i was talking to this guy and a penis pic he had posted on Fb. A little while after that things died down . We worked different shifts so we saw so little of each other. He was making me believe things were ok but I knew it wasn't we weren't having sex no more I would be sleep when he got off. He just told me he wanted to be friends and still live in the house. I said heck no. One day I came frimwork and he had taken the only good TV we had off the wall and some of his things. I found out him and that bf together now. He told me she wanted to be with himafter we Broke up. Now he saying he want his family back. We still have sex from time to time so I'm confused. Really don't want him though he did me wrong. Advise please!!!!


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I think you should ask yourself first that do you want your husband in your life any more or not? Are you able to take care of your daughter and yourself? Or you want to forgive the act he has done? It may possible that they are just friends. Give some quality time to yourself. Sit quietly. Think over it. Take advice from your elders. Talk to them. Or you can go for marital counselling. I think you should trust to your husband. He is with you since 15 high school. Give some quality time to him too. Or if you think that the act your husband has done is unforgivable then you can go to layer and ask for help. But before going to layer at least once think about your daughter. She may loose her father. I think that you should go for "Marital Counselling."

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