Choking himself??

Nichole - posted on 07/29/2009 ( 8 moms have responded )




Ok, so I have a 5 month old and he constantly has his hands in his mouth which is normal cause he is teething. For the past few days he has put his fingers so far in his mouth that he is choking himself, it scares me. Is this normal for a child to do and is there anyway I can prevent him from choking himself?


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Nichole - posted on 07/29/2009




Yeah...He does have teething rings but he likes things that are free better, like his hands or wash rags..Darn kids, you buy them toys and they don't want them. Ok, I am glad I am not the only one who was experienced this. I was starting to worry. Thanks for the advice!!!

Sarah - posted on 07/29/2009




My 4 month old does the exact same thing! He more gags himself than chocks himself. It is still a scary sound tho! A good rule of thumb I use if your child is making noise that means they can breathe, that helps put me to ease!

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it is normal. I look after kids and everysingle one I have cared for including mine has done this, for some reason the gag reflex amuses them. he will grow out of it in a few months

Jessi - posted on 07/29/2009




I would diffinity say that is normal. My son started doing that and continued because he new it would get my attention. He would actually get sick all over. I used to gasp because I thought he was actually choking, but he liked that attention. So when he would do it in the car, I would not be able to reach him while driving. I learned to watch out the corner of my eye to make sure he really wasn't choking. Since I wasn't whipping around and giving him that attention. He finally stopped. Your baby is younger, so it might be all about the teething process. If he/she don't like the teething rings cold try them at room temp. My kids hated the cold ones.

Deidre - posted on 07/29/2009




I would say it's normal. I assume the moment his gag reflex kicks in he takes his fingers out of down his throat? I would gently remove his hands and say 'no' whenever I caught him doing it. Very repetitive, I know.

Samantha - posted on 07/29/2009




My daughter did that when she was teething too. I just gave her things to munch on and teething rings so that she would stop doing that.

Julianne - posted on 07/29/2009




Ok my son does the same exact thing too! I just take him sucking on his fingers for being hungry, so I feed him and he usually stops. A teething ring might help to give him alternative?

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