Christian Baptist school or Public school?

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What's your thoughts on Christian Private Schools?

I probably shouldn't worry about this right now, but it's keeping me distracted at the moment. My son's father is strongly against public schools and I'm strongly against religious schools. Our conflict is probably going to be a war the moment our son, who's 3 now, is ready for Kindergarden.

Don't get me wrong, I have nothing against religion but I'm not Christian, i'm Catholic. I have this belief, after dating and breaking up with my sons father, that sending our son to a Christian Baptist school is going to lead him in the same direction as his father. His father turned into a drug addict, violent, thief that got arrested more then once. Even his parents sent him OUT of state to a boarding school becuase of getting arrested when he was a teenager and want nothing to do with him most of the time.

I'm almost scared to think of the argument that will ensue because I already know I'm going to be the one to pay for a private school, not him, though promisess are being made that he will help me, I dont believe one bit. I'm already paying for our son to be a preschool and that's breaking me.

What are your thoughts on public schools and religious schools? Especially for a single mother...


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September - posted on 01/03/2013




Do you have private schools in your area that aren't religious schools? That would be a great alternative. You could avoid public and private religious schools altogether. Good luck with whatever you all decide, at least you have a couple more years to work it out.

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We have a undocumented custody, though my son has been with me since the day he was born. Im not a strong woman, I tend to fall when it comes to reasoning especially when it comes to his father, it's hard to explain...its like everything we argue run in circles and i just don't have the means to argue back. I'm terrible with communication.

Im just really not sure what I should do, religious schools never looked good to me. I feel like going to a public school allows one to see how the world truly is instead of having people tell you the way it is supposed to. Im not religious in any way, i believe their is a higher power but that's it. My son's father will fight me on this and I have a feeling it will get nasty. That's the only thing i'm scared of.

Lakota - posted on 01/02/2013




Hi, Britney. I had to laugh when you said that you aren't Christian, but Catholic. Catholics are Christians too. They just worship differently. I am not Catholic, but, my boys go to a Catholic school and they love it. We attend a Methodist Church. Sending your son to a religious school isn't going to make him turn to drugs or any illegal activity. What he learns at home and what he is allowed to do will either make him or not make him do that.

If you and your ex have joint legal custody, he does have a say in certain things. But, he can't make you agree to private school - no matter what he says or does. If he threatens to take you to Court about it, he will be laughed out of the court room. In the eyes of the law, private school is a luxury, not a necessity. I have been through this myself.

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