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Vanessa - posted on 07/02/2009 ( 2 moms have responded )




Just wanted to know if it was normal for a one year old to be throwing tantrums. She has only just turned one, she came home from daycare (not saying she picked it up there) and I said no that she couldn't have something and she threw a tantrum, and has been doing it ever since. Advice and is this normal?


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Definitely normal, she is quite young and her words aren't there yet. Up until a certain age they think that the world revolves around them (ok it will always seem to revolve around them but theres a big difference) she will assume at this age that you must know what she wants or needs and will get frustrated when she doesnt get her way.

If she is demanding something, say something to eat before a meal, just explain to her that she wont be hungry at supper. If supper will still be a few hours away you can give her a small healthy snack to tide her over till then.

just remember if you say no do not give in a few minutes later or it will backfire down the road.

If she is having a tantrum because she cannot tell you something (lack of words to explain herself) try to help her by saying what you think it is she wants. "I know you want a cookie but supper will be soon so lets go play until supper is ready"

Breonna - posted on 07/02/2009




my one year old throws him self on the floor and screams and cries. He doesn't go to daycare..its just something they do when they get upset. My 3 yr old is the master of tantrums..but I just walk away. Eventually they realize that their not going to get their way.

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