Climbing out of her crib??

Angela - posted on 04/27/2009 ( 13 moms have responded )




My daughter is tall and I'm worried she'll soon try to climb out of the crib.It's on the lowest level.Does this happen to anyone?


Leslie - posted on 04/28/2009




I too have had to deal with this problem with my son. If your not ready to have her in a toddler bed I found this tent dome that they sell at Babies-R-us that go's over the crib and attaches to the frame. It has a zipper that only opens from the outside so they are safe and cant climb out. It save me a lot of worry... My son tried to climb out, but ended up falling out it was horrible.

Lori - posted on 04/27/2009




Exactly what Carolann said. Swich her bed to a toddler bed. It not only show's her that she's a big girl now, but it also puts your mind at ease knowing that when she does finally climb over, she won't have a far fall and hurt herself.

Carolann - posted on 04/27/2009




My daughter started climbing out of her crib a few months before she turned 2, I was afraid that she would eventually injure herself so I just switched her to a toddler bed and put a tall gate in her doorway overnight so that she could just climb out on her little bed and play with her toys if she woke up before me


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Becky - posted on 04/29/2009




My daughter and son are both very tall for their ages. My daughter despite being more than capable of climbing out of her bed never did! She was over 3 when we moved her from her Cotbed and changed it into her bed by removing the sides. Oliver is 15 months and as yet has not climbed out her his cot. We are just in the process of buing bunk beds that can be made into single beds as now Oliver is too tall for his cot and needs us to convert the cotbed back. You could always put some pillows, cushions or old covers on the floor in case she does do it.

Tiffany - posted on 04/29/2009




If your not ready for a toddler bed just turn the crib around so the lowest edge is against the wall other then that a toddler bede is the way to go.

Molnar-Pinter - posted on 04/28/2009




... hi ... my babyboy fell out when he was about 7 month old ... and since then he sleeps in one of these: ... he can't climb out and he can't hurt himself in it ... he's now 18 month and we plan to mowe him to a regular bed when he's 2,5 years old, 'cous he mowes a lot while sleeping ... so i'm afraid he'll fell off the bed ... :D ...

Charlie - posted on 04/27/2009




try going on to ive been using this since my baby started rolling over at 6months and now i dont have to worry about her climbing out of her cot or falling off the bed when she sleeps in my bed!

Samantha - posted on 04/27/2009




Once a child is climbing out of their crib, they are definitely ready for a bed. The hardest part about switching them to a bed is getting them to stay in bed. Try laying with them the first couple of nights or laying on the floor next to them to keep them in their bed. Unfortunately to get my daughter to stay in bed we had to put the TV or a movie on for her. She is 3 1/2 and we allow her to watch a movie if she is good, but she no longer requires it to get to sleep. My son is 18 months now and we are slowly trying to get him to sleep in a bed.

Jen - posted on 04/27/2009




I thought my daughter was about to climb out around 11 months so we put a toddler bed on her b-day and Christmas list (she was born Dec. 1). Well she's 17 months now and we have yet to switch her to the bed. We're actually going to switch her this weekend even though she hasn't learned to climb out of the crib she does know how to climb on and off the couch and our bed (which isn't on a frame). We started Friday putting the crib rail down to help with the transfer and she did great. Once your daughter does learn to climb out and if you're not ready for the toddler bed, I highly recommend just lowering the side because it's still up enough to give protection and they'd be lower to the ground then climbing over the whole rail.

Lucinda - posted on 04/27/2009




I have the same problem he's doing it already he's 2, now he has this thing where he strips himself naked. ugghh .. it drives me crazy lol. Yeah i try to move the crib away from things that can help him get out the crib it does not work. I really don't know what to do also.

Abby - posted on 04/27/2009




my godson climbed out his cot and wandered into his mum's room and scared the heck out of his mum when she woke up and felt someone staring at her. she just put him straight into a toddler bed from then on with a stair gate at the door, think it's the safest option.

Amanda - posted on 04/27/2009




Yes my 2 yr old has started doing this and it terrifies me. im afraid he's gonna hurt himself. i put his crib into a toddler bed then switched it back because he was walking around the room and getting into the toys. He shares a room with his twin brothers and they have a bunkbed. I am having a hard time with him so I hope you figure something out at share with me lol

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