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Kirsten - posted on 06/17/2009 ( 1 mom has responded )




Hi, My daughter is 4 years old and has really bad attachment issues. she cries when i send her to pre-school. shw won't go toilet without me standing right there,(even though she is fully potty trained) and we have to sit with her at bedtime till she falls asleep and then she will still end up in our bed if she wakes. me and my husband had our 5th wedding anniversary last week and we put her with our next door neighbours and went home to shower to go out for dinner and we got a phone call just as we were heading out the door saying she was crying and wanted to come home. so we never got to go out. I need some help or ideas on what to do. we have a wedding to go to in 5 weeks and we will be away for the night and i am anxious about where we can leave her or if i can even go. Please, i need some tips, Kirsten.


Mary Ann - posted on 06/18/2009




hi kristen i have been there my daughter will be 5 in auguat and when she started preschool she was the same way..i felt awful..i was so upset and crying because i felt like i was a bad mom..then i realized that i wasnt..the more that i just walked away when i dropped her off ahe quickly realized taht i was comming back and that i wasnt going to leave her forever.. thata why kids do that especially at that age..they think that you wont come back and as much as it breaks your heart you have to do it..for them as far as the potty that faded for us too..yeah it was a pain at first but now that shes in school longer the potty isnt that she can do it without me and yeah it sucks cuz i now know that she is growing up way too fast. so my advice to you is enjoy that times when she is clingy and only wants you..this will fade in time and before you know it your little girl will say things like ok mommy see you laterand is fine with you leaving and yeah your going to feel lost with out her but at least you know and so will she that you will always be enjoy the little years before they pass you by..good luck

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