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Christie - posted on 09/12/2009 ( 3 moms have responded )




My nine month old will not stand being put down. She will play if she's in my lap or right beside me, and she will sit in the high chair as long as she has cheerios, but otherwise she's either being held or screaming. I'm a stay-at-home mom, but I still can't hold her 24-7! Any advice for helping her feel confident by herself, or do I just have to hope she outgrows it?


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Inga - posted on 09/12/2009




my son and daughter were the same i bought them a swing and theylove it now their fine alone. im a 24/7 stay at home mom. the only time my kids are clingynow are twhen their very sick

Jen - posted on 09/12/2009




I think it's the age really. When my daughter did that I found it useful to put her in a baby carrier. She loved it and I could get work around the house done. I'm not a stay at home mom, but my husband works on Sundays so my daughter and I are home alone all day so I can relate some. You can also try playing with her on the floor and then slowly back away. There may be some fussing, but just keep talking to her as you do what you need to do. She'll learn to play more independently as she gets older.

Tash - posted on 09/12/2009




the best thing i found was to make the bottom draw in the kitchen full of plastic plates, cups, and other things that are safe for them to play with. and while i was cleaning up let them go for the draw and sometimes i take somethings out and teach her to put them away. the only thing i found was that i needed to lock all the other cupboards and draws that i don't want little fingers in. and i have slowly introduced other people into her world, her grandma had her and friends are asked to play with her while i make cuppas. hope this helps :)

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