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Does anyone else have babies really close in age? I have a 10 month old daughter and a son due next month.


Chet - posted on 01/27/2014




Our girls are 16 months apart and our boys are 17 months apart. I have cousins who are 11 months apart, one of our girls used to have siblings in her class who were 11 months apart, and there we know a couple families with kids who are 12 to 16 months apart.

In general, it's hard for you when they are very little. A mom with twins once insisted that I had things way harder than she did because at least her babies were the same age so they were the same size, in at the same stage of development, wearing the same clothes, eating the same food, etc. When you have kids that are very close but not twins you have two babies in the beginning, but two babies at different stages... different sized diapers, different nap routines, different kinds of play but both too young to play together, etc.

However, it gets easier fast... once they get a little older you reach a point where they are close enough that you can do things in parallel. They like the same toys, books, tv shows and outings. They can have the same friends. They need the same bedtime. When your kids are close you aren't trying to balance conflicting needs as much as when your kids are all in different stages at the same time.

You also miss out on the jealous toddler when the new baby arrives. Everyone I know whose first was under 18 months when their second was born agrees that their older child hardly noticed the baby at first and then just accepted the baby like it was the most normal thing in the world. They had no concept of life before the baby.

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