Cloth or disposable diapers?

Ashley - posted on 12/02/2009 ( 8 moms have responded )




I'm really considering using cloth diapers this time around. Not sure though b/c they are looking soo expensive....but then again in the long run they'd probably save me money. So, if I go with cloth what are the best kinds to go with...on the affordable side that is!


Amanda - posted on 12/02/2009




I HIGHLY recommend cloth diapers. It's a chunk of change to begin with but you save a ton of $ over all. It's worth the investment to get some really good diapers. My personal favourites are pocket diapers. They are easy to use and dry quicker than an all-in-one but they go on in one piece, which you will be very grateful for once you have a toddler that is too busy to hold still! In my opinion the best pocket diapers are Fuzzibunz and we have loved using them but we have a bunch of coolababy diapers too and they are less expensive and work decently as well, they seem to have a less absorbant insert than the FB. We have also used the bummis prefold kit, and they are an economical choice if you don't mind doing a few folds at each change and aren't worried about the extra bulk. They are quite a bit puffier than the Pocket diapers. Here is a website that has some good info about cloth diapering Also check out the website for some good info. I suggest to check e-bay for cloth diapers, you can get some great deals there. And don't let people scare you off by saying 'they are so much work...blah, blah, blah...' because they are very easy. You get a good pail and a couple of PUL pail liners, Take the diaper off the baby, shake the insert into the pail and throw the diaper/ wipes on top. When it's full take the full pail liner and pour all the diapers into your washer and throw the liner in too. Wash, dry. When they're dry spend 10 minutes stuffing the inserts in the covers while you watch Oprah or whatever. Voila! You're done. It doesn't take long, shorter than most trips to the store for sure! as long as your baby is breast fed you don't even have to deal with the poop, it is water soluble and will wash out. Once you start solids just use a flushable liner inside the diaper and all you'll have to do is dump it in the toilet (something the sposie users SHOULD be doing anyway since it's actually illegal to put human waste in the garbage most places). One more thing: cloth diapers contain breast fed baby poop MUCH better than sposies. I think I actually had LESS laundry to do once we really started using cloth. Sorry to go on and on but I just love our cloth!

p.s. stay away from Kushies, they are cheap but they don't work worth spit.


Jaime - posted on 12/02/2009




Yes the pocket diapers are the most convenient, and that way you can get different absorbancies. (overnight and reg) Also they make paper liners for them, so that you can remove the poo a little easier. If you have a washer and drier, you might as well wash them yourself, because on average you will spend about 40 a month on disposible diapers (so why do cloth, if you are paying the same amount?) If you don't have a washer and drier, and have to pay coin-- it is more expensive since you will probably be washing them every day. You can buy ones that grow with your baby- and that will save you some money. Also there are always moms looking to sell their used diapers--- if you are ok with buying used, you could save a bundle!!! check craigslist!
Good Luck!

Kathryn - posted on 12/02/2009




ive been using cloth and i love them. they save so much money and are not that difficult to wash and use. i would recommend getting about 40 cloth diapers and 3-4 diaper wraps. i like the thirsties brand wraps because they are leak proof and were more affordable than some of the other brands.


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Lindsay - posted on 12/02/2009




I use cloth diapers and I LOVE them. I use the BumGenius3.0 diapers. They are about $18 each but they are one size fits all sot hat is all you ever spend on diapers. I bought 30, but we really only have 20 in rotation at the moment since the diaper pail gets full and who wants dirty diapers sitting around? They go on like disposables with velcro, but they are bulkier than disposables. I highly recommend them!

Leah - posted on 12/02/2009




We have been using mostly cloth diapers for 2 months now. We use disposables when we go out. The brand we use is Bummis prefolds, and love them. It was only $120 for the 24 diapers and 4 covers.

C. - posted on 12/02/2009




I use disposable diapers. My mom has told me horror stories from when all that was available were cloth diapers. You have to clean them out and everything, even before you send them off to the diaper service (which I personally wouldn't do b/c I have high standards when it comes to things like that getting all the way clean and sanitized.)

Danielle - posted on 12/02/2009




I used disposable diapers but I know of a friend who used cloth and they actually have a company that will come and drop off like 100 diapers a week and pick up the dirty ones, take them and clean and disinfect them. It was going to cost her like 45 bucks a month. And she would have to do none of the cleaning..Just a thought. You should look into it more.

Rose - posted on 12/02/2009




They would be cheaper in the long run but i wouldn't use them. My parents used them on my little brothers i remember having to change them and clean them up it was a mess i give anyone props who has the stomach to do that. good luck.

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