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My son told his teacher that he sleeps in the same bed as me. She sent him to the counselor and the counselor told him that it was not OK for him to sleep in the same bed. I realise that most kids do sleep in their own beds but I absolutely see zero harm in it. My job is to make him feels safe at all times and I will continue to do so until he feels secure enough to sleep in his bed. I try to encourage him all the time but I refuse to force him. Is this an issue that cps could get involved?


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As you've been asked, how old is your son?

Unlike Michelle, I DO cosleep with my kids :) so I understand where that comes from. My oldest is 5years old and spends most nights in his own bed. Our 3yr old spends about half the night in her bed, then crawls in with us, and our 8mo old, who's breastfeeding, stays with us all night.
We started putting our kids down in their own bed at about 18mos. They go to sleep in their own bed, but any time they wake up after one of us has gone to bed, they hop right in and have always been welcome.
There's a pretty big difference between a 5 or 6yr old continuing to co sleep (although I would be encouraging their own bed pretty strongly at that point), and a 10+yr old who's continuing to cosleep.

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How old is he?
I have never co slept because I value my sleep too much and like to have my own space. I have had the children in with me when they were sick and that's it.
I feel it's a way to teach them independence, if they are in your bed for too long they come to rely on you next to them and when they do move out on their own they will be making sure there is someone there beside them.
But like I asked how old is he? that will play a big part in what answers you get.

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