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Sarah - posted on 01/18/2013 ( 1 mom has responded )




I want to start this by saying that I love my kids and I love to stay at home with them and provide for them a great learning environment that I get to teach. That being said, this week has gotten the better of me and I need a break. I need to not be around kids for a short period of Mommy time. Like and afternoon, starting with a nap and ending with an evening with catching up on my DVR. The whole half of day dedicated to me and what I feel like doing or not doing. My 2 year old is impossible. He just gets so far under my skin that I ending thinking things and saying things that I wouldn't normally think or say. I think he knows that he is aggravating me more than normal because he just keeps it up. He is high energy and is constantly going and going. Today he wrote on the couch (under the cushion) with an orange marker. I may be able to get it out but that is not the point. I know, you may say where was I at when my 2 year old had the markers. Well, he was sitting at the desk with me coloring on his paper. He put the marker down (or so I thought, or maybe he had one in each hand) and got up to go play with something else. 5 minutes later he was on the couch and there was an orange streak. Now for my 1 year old. She is a little diva drama queen. If she even thinks about not getting her way she will scream. Her brother is so mean to her (or at least he has been this week). I wish for this week to be over so my hubby will be off for 3 days and I can get my break (probably not as long as I want, but any break is welcomed). I know what you are thinking, it is Friday, this is the last day of the week. Well hubby's work week is Wednesday through Saturday nights. It is crazy. To top it all off this week I have been sick. Just a wonderful week. I guess I will end my rant. I know it will get better with the weekend, but gee will it hurry up already? Thanks for reading.


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First of all, if anyone reads this and thinks they could keep a two year old boy from expressing his creativity all over the couch then I'd like to give them my son for the day and see what happens. I get it! 100% plus you have a 1 year old?? I just have my son and I'm still counting down the minutes till my husband gets home! Its a whole new level of exhausting and challenging. What I do when I get like this (almost every day since we moved here) I try and think like a grandparent. I tell myself "its just a couch." or "its just a phase that he's going through". It does wonders to recharge my patience and give me a new perspective. My parents were super strict w me but my son can walk on the counters (literally) and it becomes a photo opp. Maybe this "they're just kids" mindset will help you! I hope you get your reprieve soon!
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