Confirmed larger baby.possible C-section

Rebecca - posted on 10/12/2012 ( 2 moms have responded )




3 days ago(36 weeks 4 days) I went to my Ob's for my weekly check-up. I had an Ultrasound done a day prior to check the Babies estimated weight,too see the position, and to check why I am measuring(belly) 6 weeks ahead for the past 2 months. I got told my son looks very good(so do I) but he is still up really high(has not dropped) but he is headdown. I also was told he is measuring to be pretty big(3714 g) which roughly is around 8.5 pounds already. Doctor told me the fluid around him is at normal levels which may explain him just being a big baby. Cause I am a larger woman and due to genes(father of the baby), I may end up with a bigger baby. Doctor told me they can be off only about a pound but he believes they are roughly right. Only concern is I got my cervix checked, and I already started Dilating 1.5cm and 25 percent effaced, but my son has not dropped. Doctor is checking me weekly and watching if he decides to drop.. Doctor told me he may be already to big to fit into my pelvis(may be the reason) also when it's a first child they usually are dropped by now(being 37 weeks today). I was told if I completely dilate and my cervix completely thins out, I may need a c-section due to him not dropping. Are the odds high that hes just being stubborn? Should I prepare myself mentally for a c-section? I am due Nov 2nd (3 weeks)

I also have Anterior high placenta.


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Kimberly - posted on 10/12/2012




Rebecca I would just wait and see how you go along, he my drop into place over the next week but I would also prepare yourself for the possibility that you may have a c-section so either way nothing is ruled out and you dont get any shocks during labour, other then labour itself lol!!! When I had my first, the day they induced my at 40 wks 5days she still wasnt dropped down and they thought inducing me would get her to have a move on but after 18 hrs and doing everything they could she was completely stuck in my pelvis and I needed an emer ceasar. I found out that I have a thing called complete pelvic displacement which can be cause either by the baby, eg being to big or be natural which is my case, pretty much I'm not built for childbirth. I'm having my second just after you, nov 6th and will be having a c-section. I find it easier going into this one cause I have prepared myself for the c-section where with my first I didnt and was really shocked by the whole thing so my advice is rule out nothing then you can be prepared for everything! Good luck

Melissa - posted on 10/12/2012




Both mine were big babies, my first was 9lbs 5 oz and my second 9lbs 14 oz. My first never dropped, I went into labor 3 days after my due date, was in labor for 17 hours, I dilated to 7cm within a couple hours and never progressed passed there and he never dropped so they ended up doing a c-section. His head circumference was 14cm, I was like when I do the math that just does not fit! They were pretty sure the reason he never dropped was because of how big he was. So with my second I wanted to try for a VBAC, the last several months of my pregnancy I was measuring large, usually 3-5 weeks ahead of where I was. I had my weekly appt the day after my due date and was measuring 4 weeks ahead at that point and there were no signs of going into labor anytime soon and she was still really high up, so we ended up scheduling a c-section at that point. When they did the c-section too they cut me open and tried to pull the baby out and then had to cut me even more because she was so big!

I would mentally prepare for the possibility of a c-section just so if it does happen it will be less disappointing. With my first after 17 hours in labor I was in the moment just glad for it to be over but very quickly became disappointing over having a c-section, but with my second I knew through the entire pregnancy that it would be a possibility even though I wanted to try for a VBAC so when I did end up having a c-section I felt less disappointing about. I would try to avoid a c-section if possible, recover is KILLER! But at least be prepared for the possibility.

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