Confused at what to do or if I'm even right in feeling this way

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Been in a relationship for 7 years the last two years we have cheated and lied but we both decided we wanted to make things work. So we got rid of everything and worked or stayed pretty much to ourselves. Recently I talked to him about talking to one of his best friends again, this friend doesn't like me and he helped with a lot of my mans lying. Not thinking about what would be brought back up after he started talking to his friend I agreed to him talking to his friend again. Today he wanted to go hang out with him but made a big deal about having a time constraint ( because we only have one vehicle I would have to drop him off then pick him up ) which hit a nerve with me then to find out they were planing on hanging out at 10 pm so I'm furious. Is this wrong of me to not want to be with him if this is how it's going to be with his friend?? Not to mention we have a three yr old and another on the way. Help !!


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If both of you got past the cheating than I would try it 1 last time. But if the friend is bringing up things in the past and causing him to fight with you about it, I'd give up. You have 2 kids to think about and arguing is not good for you and the baby or the toddler. Being pregnant is a constant mood swing (well was for me) so just calming address the issue as adults and go from there.

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