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my baby has not pooed in the last three days. when he finally he did it was solid and he cryed like he was dieing. he now has not yet pooed for another two days. it sounds like he is pooing then i look and nothing is there. what to so for my poor son.


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Dezeray - posted on 10/12/2009




i would just like to say that your post helped me out a lot i have a three year old thats having problems with her bowel movements as well, i had her in the ER because she was so backed up that she was bleeding from her bottom. the doctors helped her that one time and gave her medicine for the tear in her bottom but they never told me what i could do to keep it from happening again. so thank you i think i may also use some of this advice:)

Amanda - posted on 10/12/2009




my daughter 6 months has been doing the same you can use glycerin suppositories. I cut them into quarters. That will make him go, but the problem with that is that you dont want to use them to often bc some kids will end up not going without stimulation. What i did last night was blended up some raisins and put it in her cereal and she went on her own this morning. I breast feed so i have been adding fiber to my diet far i was the only one going it wasnt making her go. I do know that apple juice works too, but my daughter doesnt really take a bottle bc of me bf. It all really depends on how old your son is. but the suppository definately will make him go at least just to clean his system out. Hopes this helps.

K. Erin - posted on 10/12/2009




mix about a tablespoon of apple juice with some water...rub his back or his tummy in a clock wise motion, it has always helped with my kids. Also , you might want to look into a formula change, we had to put my daughter on lactose free formula before her stools became regular. good luck, i know it's hard to feel helpless but the apple juice/ prune juice in water helps a ton, the back rubbing is to calm him down and help him digest without so much'll get through it, just take a few deep breaths and cry with him if you need to. hang in there dear...

Elisabeth - posted on 10/12/2009




Its ok for a baby to not poop for up to 7 days. BUT when he pooped and it was solid that is because he is constipated. Our pediatrician said its ok to put a little Miralax in his bottles....he will have a GOOD bowel movement within the next 12-24 hours....and keep doing this until his poop is back to normal....

Deanna - posted on 10/12/2009




Try putting a little light Karo syrup in his bottle. It worked with both of my boys. And if he is acting like his tummy hurts drop a peppermint in some luke warm water (in a bottle) and let him suck on that for a little bit.

Heather - posted on 10/12/2009




Our DR told us to give the baby a bottle of water, it worked well she pooped within 5 minutes. Hope that helps, Heather

Tori - posted on 10/12/2009




Well when my son was doing this we tried to using juice at first, so I would reccomend that if you have not already tried it, and if that does not work I would ask you son's doctor about using a supository... even at one point when my son was still seeing his GI doctor she suggested using Miralax but you have to ask the doctor about that and the correct dosage...

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