Contimplating on baby number 2 HELP!!!

Bryana - posted on 09/28/2009 ( 6 moms have responded )




I am already a mom of a 3 year old boy and when iwas pregnant with him i gained over 50 pounds! But have lost it all and then some and am worried about gaining again. And i also was not employed and i am currently so i am worried that i will be too sick to work. I hear that the second one is much easier but what about the sickness? Im so confused and desperately need imput. PLEASE! thank u


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Nicole - posted on 09/29/2009




i say go for it. i have 2 now (both boys) and me and my husband want to have another soon. your only prego for 9 months but you get a life time of great happy times being a mother. plus it will give your son someone to play with as they grow up

Ashley - posted on 09/29/2009




I defintly agree, every pregnant is different. You crave different foods , you can swell or not, you can be sick or not, you can be moody or not,you can be tired or not. It just all depends on the pregnancy.The thing about the weight is it goes and comes even if your not pregnant it will go, I gained 80lbs my first pregnancy and lost it in 2 years by eating healthier foods, no fried foods, and walking. I would defintly recommend you breastfeed to that will help you lose very quickly,but make sure you have alot of support because it is hard the first week or two but the rewards of losing the weight and bonding with your baby are so worth it! You wont be disappointed. I tryed my first and he just didnt want but I had no help to show me how and to encourage me to keep tryin. I really got depressed cause I wanted to so I said I wouldnt try again and I didnt with my 2nd, but my third I was in church and I had so much support I actually was weary about the third because it was just another baby and I wasnt sure if we would bond. While in the hospital she had bad acid reflux and threw all her milk up nothing stayed down so a friend encoraged me to try and she took right away and never threw up again. God wanted me to bong with her and he did heal her she was suppose to have problems for the rest of her life but we got her prayer and she is perfectly healthy 2yr old. we have the best relationship and I am so thankful that I kept pushing and dint give up cause I never would have got this wondeful experience of connecting with such a precious gift. I hope this is helpful to you and know you will do great!

Anita - posted on 09/29/2009




i think that if you want another baby that you will do just fine. i worked with my first and the sickness will pass.
go for it

Li-Ann - posted on 09/29/2009




Hi! I've got an (almost) 7th month old girl and I am currently 8 weeks pregnant. I was hit hard and quick with morning sickness with my first. It seems like the morning sickness is barely here this time around. Don't worry about gaining all the weight over again. As long as you eat right and keep up a minimum of exercise, you should be just fine. And running around with a toddler should be enough to keep the pounds off. :) Good luck!

Tanya - posted on 09/28/2009




All pregnancies are different.. Sometimes we are not in contorl of our bodies when we are pregnant.My 1st pregnancy was what some dr's would consider a text book pregnancy I gained 25 pounds and in my opinion it was a perfect pregnancy/delivery besides her being 9lbs lol but it turned out ok... but my 2nd was so different I gained I can't believe it still 60 pounds - 35 in the first 5 months I was a reck my hormones were everywhere I was swollen all the time it was insane and on top of all that I couldn't stand my husband... During labor it was just crazy then too and ended up having an emergency c-section after baby came I didn't loose all the weight but my family to me wasn't complete yet I wanted to have another one (my husband was like are you sure????? LOL) so 2 years went by and I decided it was time so I got pregnant with my 3rd and that pregnancy I had morning sickness and then a thyroid problem and I actully was loosing a lot of weight baby was OP (oposite position) during labor but had a pretty good delivery and a pretty good pregnancy compared to some.. Before I had children I worked 2 jobs I couldn't imagine not working but now I can't imagine working and not being here for all this growing up.. Some mom's work and some mom's don't that's just a desision we all make for our own families.. Well before you get pregnant make sure it is what you want are you willing to gain the weight are you willing to do it all again maybe better maybe worse.. Because just like pregnancies are all different all children are different they are individuals and you need to be capable of handling that as well.. The good the bad and the ugly of motherhood... I hope you make the right decision for your family and don't rush you have plenty of time :)

Ashley - posted on 09/28/2009




Every pregnancy is different. I didn't have any sickness with my first but did with my second and they are both boys. So, there is a chance u wont get sick. I gained 40lbs with my 1st pregnancy and only 25 with my second. I attribute that to, running after a toddler, and knowing how uncomfortable I was the first time around gaining so much. Learn from ur first one. Don't let either one stop u from having another baby. The sickness will pass and the weight will come off again! go for it!!!

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