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Jenny - posted on 05/23/2009 ( 8 moms have responded )




my son is 20 months old his not going to be till very late and waking up at 5am its getting to much for me now been 8 months preg



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Jessica - posted on 05/24/2009




I think all of these suggestions are wonderful and I only have one more thing to add. You may want to try just tiring him out more. It may be that he is not active enough during his day and he needs more physical movement. At the end of the night I have a routine that works really well with my son. We eat our dinner, then get in the bath. While I clean up the kitchen and put dinner away my son plays with his toys. After that we play for an hour or so then I make it a point to let him clean up his own toys. I help of course but running around picking every toy up from all over the house really wears him out so when he is done, he is ready for his story and sleep. I just lay him down and read to him until he falls asleep and most of the time once in bed it takes less than 5 minutes. I feel your frustration as I am also pregnant (only 7 months though) and it is hard to try to fight a toddler to sleep so I really hope this helps you.

Mel - posted on 05/24/2009




20 months is ridiculous to be doing that to you. my daughter very rarely does this but if she does we just make sure her cot mobile is not on the room is pitch black and just give her the dummy and put a blanket on her. Take away everything he has to play with so that he has little entertainment and will realise he needs to go to sleep. At this age if he cries i wouldnt go in there because it will make him cry more if he knows he's getting your attention. after a week or so he should be used to it and he will tire himself out and go to sleep much sooner. If you are 8 months pregnant he needs to realise you are just about to have another baby and you cannot afford to be giving him all this attention when he should be in bed. good luck

Holly - posted on 05/23/2009




my son wakes up any time around 6 or 630am and will take a 1or 2 naps during the day but he plays and we play most of the time ,since its nice out most of the time let him run around play get dirty and play hard ...give a bath and a warm snack yourget is wonderfull to fill u up and is verry good for you to son is 20 1/2 months and i know im bad cause he takes a bottle at night with some baby rice in it still ,but he has been verry sick ..we now get got him back feelling 100 % tubes and an allergy dr not saying give him a bottle but may be how many naps is he taking during the day ?and lf you know that he is full and does not need a butt change it is ok to let him cry !i would start to say its all most bed time mommy is tired ,lets go get a bath ,ect good luck ...

Jenny - posted on 05/23/2009




thank you everyone yes he gets snacks bout 1 hr before i want him to go to bed... we got him a toddler bed few weeks ago when he wakes up he gets him self out n comes in my room when i try n put him back to his bed he starts screeming at me so ive been sleepin in the lounge room for awhile now just so he can sleep.. yes ive seen a few super banny shows where she down that control crying i will give it ago thank you

Jessica - posted on 05/23/2009




I put my 2 year old in her bed and if she keeps getting up without saying a word I place her right back in her bed after a few days she got the point :) and stopped crying

Veronica - posted on 05/23/2009




I would lay him in bed - make sure there's nothing for him to hurt himself, and maybe sing or read a story -- continue making a routine about it every night - id start a bit early so you have time to spend with him. Give him a bath, quiet the house down a bit. Then walk out of the room and go and do whatever you need to - (i watched this be done on the Nanny Show - i loved it!) when he gets up, take him back to his room, lay him down, cover him up, say goodnight, and walk out again - you may need to do this several times, and it might take a day or two (maybe longer depending how stubborn he is! (i have two stubborns!)llol) but after the second time, when you put him to bed again on the third time and so forth, dont say anything at all, lay him back down, cover him up, and leave the room. What will happen is that he will begun to understand that it is bedtime now. He will cry and fuss (my 2 year old still does) but keep going and be consistent - take a deep breath and just keep going! Now's the time too, when your new one comes along, you will be one busy momma!! Take care!

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