Could i be pregnant

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In the last 3 days i have been feeling sick in the mornings as soon as i wake lasting till 8-9am and sometimes comes back late evening before i go to bed, i become quite windy as well :s. I have taking 2 pregnancy tests over the last week and both came bk negative had a light period lasting 11 days :s that finished 2days ago. I came off the pill 2 months ago as me and my partner have decided we wanted to try for our 2nd now our son is older, 2 week after comming off pill i have my period was still pretty light compared to what i use to have 3 years ago. had been on pill for 6 months.

Im only thinking i could be as i remember feeling like this last time when i was pregnant with my son and i took many tests then and they came bk negative then one day it showed positive but i cant remember how long i had to wait to get resolute. but thinking bk when i did feel sick then i must of only been 1-2 weeks gone and online it says u dont get morning sickness till 6 weeks :/.

Came off pill last time and got pregnant after 1st period after comming off, was very lucky.

has anyone else had this?? or could anyone give advice??

very confused because i had my period still so that would mean im not right? lol


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