could my 7 and 1/2 month old be scared of the dark?

Amy - posted on 09/05/2009 ( 1 mom has responded )




He is entering into the seperation anxiety stages right now... So I do know that, that has a large role in sleep issues right now as well but we just moved and a couple days after we moved into our new home we bought black out blinds for our son's room to keep the sun out because it shines very brightly in there in the morning, ever since then he has been frantically waking up at night only comforted when I turn on his monitor lamp (a lil night light/baby monitor very handy!) and I don't even need to touch him just turn on that lil amount of light and he calms right down. I didn't think they could develop a fear like this that early... am I wrong? does it sound like a fear of the dark oh! and the first couple nights without the blackout blinds he slept thru the nights :) so I don't think it is the new enviroment... He is a good little adjuster. He is also not teething at the moment... so im at a loss does it sound like he is scared if the dark?


Crystal - posted on 09/05/2009




It does sound like he has a fear of the dark. Not a fear as in he thinks something is going to get him but a fear as in when he has his eyes open he can't see anything. Just try letting him sleep with a night light at night and see if that helps a little bit!!!

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