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Hello all,

I am almost 11weeks with my first baby and I am 24. I know its not far in to it and I know its my first and the doc said all is fine. But she has no kids. I feel I need a little of your help and or advice on an item. As I said I’m almost 11weeks in to my first pregnancy, In the last 2weeks I have been getting some cramps in the area of where my bum and top leg meet. I have started to walk as I am a largish woman and feel it might make me feel better. But my doctor got made at me and told me she dose not want me to loose or gain any weight in the pregnancy at all. Should I seek another Doctor or just put up with the cramps?


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Ty for all the halp lady's, I have a new doc and will be seeing her on Thursday to have a chat and check up. My old doc is not happy that I have changed but its not up to her, and as you said Stacey I would not tip bad service. When i walk it dose seam to ease it. but the I sit down longer then 10min and it comes back. No bleed's at all, so as i have read and also what you said to Emma and Victoria, my body is cweather I like it or not and ther is a new life growing inside now :) Scary but I have a mini Support net work of family and friends. Becca before pregnancy I did not exercise much but still walked most times, as for me not gaining weight I feel huge at the moment and its not that far. But I will keep you all up to date after I see the doc on Thursday. Cheers :)

Becca - posted on 07/27/2009




I'd get another doctor. That one doesn't sound like she has much business in her specialty. Exercise during pregnancy makes labor easier. If you haven't exercised regularly prepregnancy you're supposed to consult a doctor first, but I'd recommend consulting a different doctor. Swimming is the best exercise you can do while pregnant, but my OB told me riding a bicycle is NOT recommended because the risk of falling is too great, & later on where the seat rides can mess with you. Light stretching is good too. And there's NO WAY you're going to stay at a constant weight while pregnant! It's impossible! The baby alone is an extra 6-8 pounds, not to mention your growing uterus, stretching body(to accomodate birth), & all the lovely water weight! Your OB is CRAZY. The cramping is probably nothing at all to worry about but you should have someone check out the area fully just to be safe!

Victoria - posted on 07/27/2009




I agree with what everyone else has been saying. The cramping is usually normal, unless you've had bleeding with it. I know when I was about 10 weeks pregnant, I had terrible cramping and my doctor said it was just the ligaments tearing to make room for the baby. Sure enough, a few weeks later some stretch marks showed up where I had been cramping. If you're not happy with your doctor, find someone else. Ask people in your area for recommendations on OBs. You want to find the right one early and don't feel bad about switching.

Emma - posted on 07/27/2009




Your doctor obviously doesn't know as much as she's meant too. Moderate exercie espesially walking is meant to be good for pregnant women. The cramping is probably due to you body changing and your baby growing and as weird as it may be your body will also be getting ready to give birth even though it's a time away. Cramping in pregnancy is usually normal but if it gets more intense and/or you start to bleed then get yourself straight back to the doctors (preferablly a new one lol). You can't not gain weight during pregnancy b/c obviously you have a baby growing inside you. Good luck.

Laura - posted on 07/27/2009




i'd def get another opinion, i mean how does she think ur not gonna gain anything? As long as ur eating healthily. low impact exercise is recommended as far as i'm aware so if it helps i don't c the problem, does things like bahs or alternating hot and cold on the affected area help? (my dad does this when his back is playing up 15 mins hot water bottle followed by 15 mins ice pack) good luck and hope all goes well x

Stacey - posted on 07/27/2009




You deffinately dont want to loose weight but keeping it under control is safe. You're not gonna loose too much weight just by walking. If it makes you feel better then do it. It's your pregnancy...your body. No doctor knows your body better than you do.

Doesnt want you to loose or gain? What are you supossed to do? How can you acheive that? Not loosing or gained. You're pregnant. Something is bound to happened and I'm betting more on the gaining part.

I'm 7 weeks pregnant and also am a "largish" (love your term haha) woman. I plan on buying a bike and riding throughout my pregnancy as long as it posses no danger and I pyshically feel up to it. Nothing wrong with a lil low impact exercise.

I wouldnt put up with anything...your doctor included. I dont know how many OB-GYN's I've gone throw this baby will be born in another state! Your doctor is supossed to respect you and help you with your problems now that your pregnant...if walking helps with teh cramps then she needs to help you with other ideas...and if she's so worried about you walking than she should help come up with newer "safer" ideas.

If you dont love your doctor get a new one. You are the one paying her. Would you go to a restaraunt and pay full price for a crapy meal or tip the waiter for bad service? No...same goes with doctors.

Good luck to you. Keep me updated. Since we're both "largish woman" (haha love it!) it'd b nice to see how we deal with exercise and our pregnancies. Hope to hear from you soon!

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