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We were devestated to find out at an u/s being 11 weeks pregnant, the baby stopped growing at 8 weeks and had no heartbeat :( now I have to have a D&C next week b/c I'm going through a "missed miscarriag" my body hasn't rejected it yet so I have to deal w/ still being pregnant for a week, looking for anyone who's had a d&c to see how bad or not so bad it was, I know everyone is different but maybe it'll help to hear from other woman who went through it.


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I had a one done after i lost a baby last may. I was terrified. My friend told me that she was awake for hers And that it didnt hurt but you could feel everything. And that really scared me. I told my nurse about that and she said that she had never heard about anyone not being put to sleep for one and she felt that it was very cruel to be kept awake. Which was a big relief. I was wide awake till i was in the OR and the nurses were really nice and tryed to make me feel better. After I had sore legs and bled a little for a couple days but that's it.

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Thank you everyone for your responses, I feel better after reading what all of you had to say, and congrats to those of you who have had babies since, thats awesome :). We are lucky to have a beautiful girl who will be 3 in July, we just have to apprecitate what we have now, and think possitive for the future, we aren't giving up, we def want another child, so it'll happen when its meant to be. I really appreciate you all taking the time to ease my mind.

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I've had two done. For the actual procedure and stuff it's best to try not to think about it. I know it's really hard. Since it is surgery you can't wear jewelry, glasses, etc.. so leave what you can at home. I don't remember how long it took. I remember waking up though and being mad at the nurse. She kept asking me questions and wouldn't let me remove the oxygen mask to answer her.
They'll wheel you back and after awhile someone will come to help you to the bathroom. You will probably be covered in this orange crap. Don't freak out about that. I did, it's just the antiseptic they use to clean you with once your under. You'll be able to go home the same day.
Get a counselor or very close friend who you can talk too. It's not easy and even after wards it will be still be hard for a while. While your hubby and family may mean well it's good to have someone outside of them to talk to too.
Most importantly.. It is not your fault. These things happen. Don't play the what if game. It will only make the grief worse and prolong it. Trust me there is nothing you could have done. There's nothing wrong with remembering but don't beat yourself up. The heart ache will ease in time.
I'm sorry for your loss. =( I hope this has helped some though.

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I've never had one but I've had friends who have. I just wanted to say I'm sorry, it's a hard thing to go through emotionally. Just try to remember it was nothing you did, sometimes this just happens. Surround yourself with good friends and family, you'll get through it.

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I had a d & c aug 2007. I was about 10 wks along when I went in for a routine ultrasound. We found a sac but no baby or heatbeat. I actually started bleeding and cramping but had to have a d & c because it lasted for about 4 or 5 days. I agree with Shana the hardest part is the emotional part of it. I had a bit of a hard time when I was waiting for the proceedure because everyone kept asking what I was there for and it just kept kicking up my emotions. As far as the actual D & C goes, you will be out, and when you wake up you will not be in any kind of physical pain or discomfort. My son was born Aug of 2008. I have three children all together. I am sorry for your lose.

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I was in exactly the same situation as you Kristin, with my first pregnancy. And I totally agree with Shana. The physical part of the procedure isn't terrible. I was put totally under. I woke up with no pain, but I did experience some cramping over the following few days, and bleeding lasted about a week. I was told to rest for a couple of days after. But the emotional part was the hardest. I felt like, I was 11 weeks along, but the baby stopped growing at 7 weeks, so as a "mom", shouldn't I have known something was wrong?! And I was angry because nobody could tell me why this had happened, or what had gone wrong (at the time). All I can really say is, time heals. My husband and I were told to wait 2 cycles before trying again, and when we did, we conceived right away, and now have a healthy, happy baby girl.

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I had a D & C at 9 weeks with my first pregnancy. Going through the physical procedure is nothing compared to the emotional part of it. One thing that got me at the hospital was that every time a dr. comes to do anything they ask what procedure you are having. I kept saying a D & C and they kept saying an abortion. For the actual procedure, you are totally under and will wake up with no pain. I was semi-aware between the prep room and the OR, but then I was totally out. I woke up in the same room where I was before pre-op. I had period like bleeding for a few days. I was not yet in maternity clothes, so I didn't have to worry about that. I was able to resume normal activities the next day. My DH and I were back trying two weeks later, and conceived a few months later. Feel free to e-mail me any additional questions.

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