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My boyfriend of almost two years and I added to our family on 8/24/09. When we first found out ...lets just say he was a little less the thrilled to know he was going to be a father. Now that our son is here he is better about the whole situation, but for my whole pregnancy he was pretty much silent. It even went as far as me having to goto doctors appointments and ultrasounds by myself.

Anyone else have this issue:?? Wether or not you were married to the father. I just feel like everyone I personally know has had fathers who were there for them no matter what. Like I said since the baby has been born he is a lot happier and he is actually the father I always knew he would be, but my pregnancy was pretty much hell for us.


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When I told my husband I was PG with our first daughter he got up walked out the door and did not return for a few hours! He came around eventually but was not this excited, happy,thrilled father to be by any means. The only appt he went to with me was my ultrasound. I agree with Katherine, they just don't know how to react. When I became PG with our second daughter he said he was excited and happy and I know he was in his heart but a the same time he did not know how to act, just carried on as if nothing was different. The second they were born he was wrapped around their finger and would not change anything. Now that they are 4 and 10 months he is the best Dad anyone could ask for. It's just a guy thing.
I read this post when I was PG the second time this women was going on and on about how her Husband was catering to her every need, would go out at night and fill her gas tank for her so she did not have to put gas in the car if for some reason she had to leave the house while he was working. I wanted say what are you 100% helpless, I work a fulltime job, took care of my 3 year old and the house, and dinner, and shopping etc.... while I was PG.
He will be a great dad Women can live in fantasy, knowing a baby is growing inside her and dream what it will be like when they come into the world. Men on the other hand live in reality they need to see, feel, touch to know it is real!


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Esmeralda - posted on 09/15/2009




im glad hes a good father now :)

but,i dont have any advice or empathy in this situation,my husband was more happy about it than i was about having our daughter lol

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Sounds like my fiance. He was that way with both of our kids. More so with our first. He was only 20 when we got pregnant with our daughter and he even went as far to suggest we "get rid of it". It was rough.

He was a BIT better with our son who is 6 weeks but still scared because we live pay check to pay check and he wasn't sure we could do it.

Haylee is his pride and joy. She is definently a daddies girl...and well he's still adjusting to Zak but he'll get there I know he will.

Long answer short, yep mine was the same way! lol

Katherine - posted on 09/15/2009




I know what thats like i had the same thing with my partner for both of my pregnancy's, the thing is they don't know how to act its not that they aren't happy its that they feel like they don't know what to do or how to act they feel insignificant

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