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How has your husband/fiance/boyfriend adjusted to being a dad?


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Emma - posted on 07/07/2009




Where should I start lol? My husband as been a really big help throughout my pregnancy, throughout the birth and still helps me to this day. I became ill with pre-eclampsia and HELLP when I was about 34/35wks gestation and he came to the hospital visits with me and when I was sent to hospital at just under 35wk gestation he finished work and came straight to the hospital, worried sick. Then the next 2 days I was in hospital and he came before he started work to spend every minute he could with me as I had to stay in day and night. Then, the morning of the birth I became rather ill and had to go straight to the delivery suite and I was scared beyond believe as I thought something serious was wrong so I rang him to let him know and he ran all the way to the hospital just incase he lost me. He never left my side throughout the birth and was worried as I had to be hooked up to alot of drips. And he encouraged me to push even though I was exhausted. And I had to stay in high dependency unit (HDU) for 2 more days and he was with me every minute he could be. I was then in hopsital for a further 2 wk and he came down to see me and our daughter before he went to work or when he finished and when he had a day or 2 off he was at hospital from 9am till 9pm to make sure me and our daughter was ok and every I needed he got me. When I finally got home I just cried with joy that I was finally home with the 2 most important people in my life and he was so worried about me that he rang my mum to double check that I would be fine. Nowadays, he works on a daily basis sometimes 12hrs and sometimes 13days and when he isn't at work he does anything he can do to help even if it's getting up in the middle of the night with our daughter when I'm just too tired. And even sometimes he does this when he working. I recently found out (nov 08) that I was diabetic and he tries so hard to understand what it means for me and sometimes when he doesn't understand things he sits down with me until he understands what I'm going through etc. I'm extremely greatful to have a wonderful husband and father to my daughter :)

User - posted on 07/07/2009




My fiance came into our relationship and I already had my daughter. He was only 20 and became the father of a 2 year old so with all that considered he has been amazing. Sure he does not do house work but he cooks and does all the yard work so I don't complain.

Samantha - posted on 07/07/2009




My fiance is a fabulous father! He works all day long and will come home and take care of her if need be. He changes just as many diapers as I do, he gets up with her in the morning's (8 am) on the weekends if I need to sleep. He bathes her and feeds her when I ask or when he feels like it . He loves helping me put her to bed, in fact every night we both give her kisses and then put her in her crib. He plays with her and does not care in the least bit if I want to go out to visit my friends once in a while. He actually told me he could never complain about doing any of these things because he loves her so much!

She is definitely a daddy's girl. When he comes home she chases him around the house until he stops, picks her up and gives her kisses. I couldn't ask for a better partner!

Jennifer - posted on 07/07/2009




For me my husband was already a father. Somehow he still didn't know anything! I basically have done everything on my own. Sometimes he helps out, but mostly it is just me!

Katie - posted on 07/07/2009




My hubby is a great daddy, more so when my kids get a little older, he and my 2 year old have a great relationship. he is very loving with my 9 month old but I think its harder for him because at 9 months they are just starting to be able to really "play". As far as the diapers and feedings he pretty much leaves that up to me, but I dont mind i like it.

LISA - posted on 07/07/2009




very well...especially since he's gotten older... i read alot of times a father feels like a father when the baby begins to be more active... at the beginning they eat and sleep... and momma's nurturer and when they get to be able to play dad's play time...

Elizabeth - posted on 07/07/2009




Most of the time, my hubby is a great Dad. He gets right in a plays with our son. He's like a big kid himself. I think he expects a little too much out of our son though. He's only 19 months and I think my hubby expects him to act like a much older child. He forgets he's just a little guy.

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My boyfriend loves video games, so sometimes that gets in the way of going the park or a walk around the block instead. I feel like I have 3 kids not 2 sometimes. I have to pick up after him also and tell him 3-4 times to do something. But when he actually does come through and do something it's wonderful! I just get very upset at him sometimes!

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He's doing good. He'll watch her when I need some rest (if he's not completely exhausted from working). And he'll stay home with her while I go to moms night out once a month (granted she is sleeping, but he's cool with me leaving). And he plays with her constantly and has gotten really good at that. When she was super little he just didn't know what to do with her, now he knows and I love it. She's starting to say a couple words and they're always singing together :)

Overall I would say my husband has adjusted really well to being a father. Not so sure about adding a second to the mix though lol... we'll see.

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my daughter's almost 3 and i feel like most of the time i have two children not just one. when my hubby wants to help out he's soooo amazing, but usually it's few and far between. i think he makes a better playmate than parent.

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My husband loves playing with our 6month old daughter and giving her a bath. He even occassionally changes her nappy but apart from that it hasn't really changed him. He still goes out when he wants and if he's tired he leaves everything to me (granted he works nights) and falls asleep on the sofa even if I've asked him to watch the baby!

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during the pregnancy he became more selfish, i think so because he saw that his best mate was unhappy with his life at the time and was blaming it on being a father and being tied down to a family and was giving of the impression that being a father was horrible and took your life away....but after bub was born he realized that nothing had changed, that the quality of life only became better...he helps with everything he can (except grocery shopping, he would rather starve than step foot in a grocery store), i breastfeed so i've always been the one to get up in the night, and he can't really help with that. Overall, he has adjusted well...he doesn't really get mad with our son for no reason unless he's had no sleep and Toby just won't stop screaming. I think being a father has made him a more responsible adult and helped him to realise that the world isn't centred around him and what he wants...father and son get on like a house on fire and I get time to myself when I ask for it (he doesn't offer, of course). All in all, I don't think either of us could go back to life without our son...he has brought us closer together and made our little family complete...for now ;).

Jodie - posted on 07/06/2009




my husbund has been a big help, although we now have 6 kids things couldnt be better

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