Daughter trouble!

Selena - posted on 10/02/2009 ( 1 mom has responded )




My daughter is 7 going on 17.!! She thinks ,she knows it all. How can I handle her smart mouth ,and attitude. Without getting frustrated with her and making the situation worse?


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and here I thought I was going crazy, my daughter is the same way. I just pick and choose my battles. When any of my kids gets out of control or whatnot they are sent to their room until they have cooled down. Its just way easier to deal with someone with a cool head.

Just remind her that you will not speak to her when she is acting that way, when she is ready to discuss things properly she can come to you. Until then (depending on your style of discipline) she can be in her room. You may need to choose a place without her favourite toys and things, our kids have a playroom so its pretty boring in their rooms.

She'll get bored of having nothing to do and will eventually come to you. Once she realizes you want nothing to do with her while she has her attitude on it will be easier to get through to her.

Sometimes we just get so far into arguing we end up forgetting the real issue, this way both of you get to cool off and she wont have anyone to put the attitude on.

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