Dealing with a child who doesn't eat

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My daughter will be 7 in January, and is currently in grade 1. This school year she has not eaten lunch ,even one day. I don't send a lot for lunch, because portions can be offputting to her, on the other hand, I've watched the kid put away 4 slices of pizza at home. I know she can eat quite a bit when she wants to. The list of things she doesn't eat is longer than the list of things she does. Sadly the ONLY things she likes for lunch (even at home), she is unable to bring to school due to allergies (peanut butter, nutella ect). She will NOT eat lunch meat or other regular sandwiches (bologna, turkey, chicken,) so please do not suggest lunch meats, chicken salad or egg salad.

Below is a list of all the different things I've sent thus far this year.

- hot lunch (alphaghetti/ leftover pasta) she doesn't eat it , and complains it was either too hot, too cold.
- caesar salads, she eats very little , only the croutons and the bacon bits
- cheese and crackers with fruit. crackers get eaten, cheese and fruit gets sent home.
- Jam sandwich, shes asks for it, but then never ever eats it.
- fruit salad
- various veggies and dip that she eats regularly with dinner at home.

The only thing she seems to eat are her snacks (bear paws, pudding ect) that are pre packaged . I have now swapped these out (mostly) for more healthy alternatives, but she has stopped eating those too. With her not eating lunch, she is starving when she gets home and is wanting to eat constantly from 3-5pm when dinner is served but then won't eat the dinner that is given to her, (whether she's eaten after school snacks or not). I started letting her eat whatever she wanted from her lunch bag, but she was not allowed to open any new food until her lunch was eaten from earlier.

She's not suffering weight wise, she's small (45 lbs), but has been small from birth (5lbs 10 oz) , takes vitamins without complaint, and has grown lots in the last year, she's seen a developmental pediatrician and had a full evaluation for ASD, ADD, ADHD and sensory disorders. The diagnosis they gave me was "she's just "difficult, there is no underlying cause for her various behaviours".

I'm wasting quite a bit of money on food she is not eating, and like many people, we are on a tight budget. I don't know what to do, i have a 3 year old son who eats whatever we place in front of him, and is not picky in the least.
Today I told her if she is going to continue to not eat her lunch, she will be pulled from her dance class on saturdays, due to the fact that dancers need to be healthy and have enough nutrition and energy that comes from food, to have strength to dance.


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I would say, to make sure she eats Don't pack snacks/sweets.

tell her that it's really important that she eats her foods and veggies so she can grow up to be strong and healthy. I would also start rewarding her for eating her lunch such as a cookie after dinner or something like that.

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