Dear In-Laws....

Kirsty - posted on 08/08/2010 ( 7 moms have responded )




Heres your chance to vent about your in-laws.

Dear In-Laws,
Thank-you very much for having Sophie (8months) most Sundays, it is nice of you to give us a break, and I know you enjoy your time together. While she is in your care, I'm sure you do a great job of looking after her, (even though you worked full time while your parents looked after her father, and as a result have hardly any baby experience) but can you please listen to me?

Listen to me when I say "She doesn't eat off a spoon, she feeds herself". Don't go thinking you know best and mashing up veges and feeding them to her off a spoon. The reason she didn't eat it wasn't because she wasn't hungry, it was because she wants to feed herself. Next time, just give her the whole food so she can feed herself in her own time. Yes, it will make a little bit of mess, but that is what the bib with sleeves, and the bib with a tray are for.
Also, don't sit her on your lap while you feed her. I don't give you her Bumbo seat every weekend just for fun, I give it to you so she can sit in it to eat. She needs to be sitting properly to eat. Yes, I understand she is cute and cuddly, but sometimes she needs to have a bit of space to herself so she can eat.
When she is eating, please don't do silly things to make her laugh. Yes, she has a lovely smile and a cute laugh, but if she gets silly she'll choke, and that wouldn't be good.
Please don't go buying packets of formula. I gave you enough breastmilk to last the day. If you run out and she is hungry, give her a biscuit or cruskit and bring her home.
If she goes for a nap late in the day, wake her before 6pm, otherwise I have to stay up late with her until she gets tired, she doesn't need 3 hour naps.

Another thing, I know you like helping, but changing her nappy is something I can do by myself, along with putting her in her pram, carseat, or putting the carseat in the car. Some things are actually harder to do if there are more than two hands doing it.

I would tell all this to you directly, but I have been told not to as that is frowned upon in chinese culture. So I guess that means I'll sit back and keep stewing over all those niggly little things that you do.

Having said all that, I really do appreciate you, and everything you do for us, Thank-you.
From your Daughter-in-law,


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Marjolaine - posted on 08/09/2010




Dear BIL
I am terribly sorry to be in your house, trying to keep it clean and tidy for my 6 month old whom you call roomy more instead of nephew. i really dont mean to clean up after you everyday along with the rest of the ppl that live in this small condo. you dont have to worry this is not my home i understand that i dont work or put anything into this house i just sit on my ass all day and take care of an easy child who is teething by chance. If my cleaning really bothers you why dont you just talk to me yourself everytime i am about to your brother stops me and says that i shouldnt because you are in your own wordl. believe me i have been wanting to move with my b/f your brother since i had moved in. i truly dont want to live with you but its your brother that cant stand to leave you like that i dont know why nor do i care cuz now that i have my lil sis i HAVE to move and you know what you are not wlecome in MY house untill you realize how much of an impact i have made in YOUR house. and no i dont think im being crazy I AM GOING THROUGH POST PARTUM and YOU are NOT helping out as you said you would. all i did was ask for some help nicely you had to make me sound like a douche for something so simple that a monkey can do it while throwing shit. if you can make the effort into picking up your beer cans and wiping the counter as you do complaining about everything i do then we would be on better terms im sure.
thank god im leavig you finally i am going to be ablt to feel at home in my own place instead of like a visitor in a aplace ive lived in for 3 years now. get it through your thick skull you ignorant bastard not everything is about you.
sincerely you SIL

Dear mother
as much as i miss you i hate you you never were there for me as a child and now that im an adult you still are not there, although you are at every becking call of my older sister who defiantly does not deserve it she is 24 years old. i cant believe you dont believe in your youngest daughter for anything that she says.EXCUSE ME YOUR HUSBAND TOUCHED HER!!! and you always said " i will leav him if you want /need me to in a seconed you just have to talk to me" i call b/s bitch youve never left any of the bad men in our lives becuz you were too madly in love with them and smoking your crack i cant believe youd preffer to do that over spending time with your kids who you barely see. Your youngest moves back and forth every year from the other side of the country to see you and you barely even do anything for him, your youngest daughter whom you truly dont care about youd rather send her away then deal with your problems and then me who well you just dont talk to to think about dont anything for me. you said you were goin to help me out after i had my son, yes you were there for me when i was in labour but you were freaking out more then me and i couldnt handle it . once we found out i was having a c-sec after 28 hrs of labour you just left me. and said oh well it happens. w/e after the terrible surgery i dont remember much cuz i blacked out from the seering pain that i have been through when the drugs wore off we were brought into our room and you were only there for 15 mins wtf then you left saying you were home sick and you didnt know where you were goin to stay i needed you more then ever at that time and you left me helpless no one stayed to help me except my b/d he has been the only one there for me when i needed help ever. im not sorry for cuttin you out of our lives you dont deserve to see my son who is a beautiful litlle man who learns so much every day he deserves much betther then the 2 hours total youve spent with him in the last 6 mos. oh and thanx for handing your daughter to me at least now she might have a chance at a better life with my family.
with much love your daughter.

Dear Big Sis
or at least you used to be until you pulled the stunt you did when i was pregnant with my son. you are an evil mind warping arrogant selfish manipulating bitch. all of my life i had put up with your shit and put it off to the side to forget about later but lately you've just gotten worse with it and now we are no longer talking. i mothered your son more then you have and that is just terrible i cant believe you let him go off to live with his dad out in Quebec now none of his family out here can see him do you realize that if you can just smarten up and stop drinking/ partying / drugs and sleeping with random ppl every night you can have a chance to get him back but no you have to think about your self and your party life your son doesnt even know who you are n e more. and you dont even try to remind him you dont call you dont send mail nothing to your own son i ask about him more then you.
i truly cant stand the fact that we are of the same blood family it disgust me really you never cared for anyone ever. you have even put my sons life at risk when i was 5 months pregnant at our mothers wedding, throwing a beer can at my stomache will not help you feel better about your self. but knowing you are no longer in my life as a sister or a friends or any ties like that helps to calm my nerves now i dont have to worry about what you might teach my son like you have taught our younger siblings now thankx to you our 15 yeard old sis is living with me cuz mom cant stand to deal with her from the drugs shes doin and the drinking and partying you got her started into along with our 12 y/o brother when do you ever think hey this is not right i shouldnt enable them to do this... you are so evil i swear you were born from the loins of the devil. cuz only he would say that he has done nothing wrong liek what you say. this shit happened and you need to take the blame for your actions no one can forget about it and i will never forgive you.
from your ex sister
dear father
as much as i love the fact that you have helped us out quite a bit. i cant stand the fact that everytime i see you you call me down and yet you dont look at yourself the way you look at me. yes i have had a child and i am a good mom a better mom then your first child and i dont expect as much as she does form anyone/everyone. in fact i didnt expect anything at all but yet you are still preussuring me to work and go to college. NO i am happy with being a stay at home mom it gives me more time to help my son learn everything i didnt when i was young. i get it you were a single father looking for a good mother for your kids but failed wit that bitch who beat us every day and threw us in the cold shower daily just cuz we were potty training. now your with your wife of 15 years who is just a dumb person in general. i love her i do but you guys dont et the fact that everything is hard still no one has it easier since back in the day. i know you work really hard at what you do but it does not mean that you can take my son at any time for how long you want on the road trucking to alaska. no siree he is 6 months old he is teething i dont think so there would be more of a chance of you getting into an accident becuz you didnt get the sleep you needed. and i am not comfortable with my son being away from me for longer then 12 hours. so what i drink once inawhile i dont do it all the time and i make sure i have a good babysitter before i leve him. i am not choosing alcohol over my child. last i knew i was allowed to have breaks away from the baby its ok if i go out and have fun but then you took your words right back and shoved it in my face that i got drunk one time within a 6 month period.
you only live 20 mins away and you keep expecting me to come and visit you well hello you have a car why dont you come over to my house you are allowed. i wish you could just stop being so judgmental towards me i am not my sister i am not giving up my child for the party life. i need my family so much and cant live life without them. but id prefer not to go stir crazy just talking to baby. please just start being nice to me cuz im not doing anything wronge.
From you daughter

Amanda - posted on 08/09/2010




OMG yes! Thank you for making this!

Dear MIL,

You hate me. I hate you. That's all there is to it, so please stop trying to pretend to get along with me. Your son and I HATE it when you randomly stop by, and then sit here and rant for hours on end about nothing, and then at the end complain about our daughter being asleep. It's 10pm! Her bedtime is between 7 and 8pm, and I know that I've told you this over and over again! I'm not going to keep her awake just so that you can see her, especially after everything that you've put us through since your son and I started dating. There's a reason why I don't let you hold your granddaughter or watch her for that matter. It's cause you're clinically insane! With how screwed up your kids are, I won't expose our daughter to any of the crap.

PS: You wont be in the delivery room for our next baby either.

Your DIL

Dear SIL,

So much for my daughter belonging to the black man the I supposedly cheated on your brither with, huh? Because for a black baby, she looks an awful lot like your brother! Pull your head out of your ass. You're over 30 years old, have three kids of your own that the state is threatening to take away from you, but yet, our life is bad? And your brother's going to see me for who I really am and leave me?
Yeah. Okay.
Our relationship has lasted longer than ANY of yours, and we're still going strong. You will never see your niece. No, you know what, she's not even your niece...she's nothing to you. I just feel bad for her cousins who are missing out on seeing her because you're being a prissy little bic.

Your SIL

Dear BIL,
Grow up. Stop drinking. Figure out if that second kid is yours [and how many other kids in this world belong to you] and then learn how to wrap your junk, since you can't even take care of the one kid that you have. Locking her in a room while you go screw another random girl is NOT acceptable. Oh, and by the way? Compared to you and the sister that you're living with and apparently taking after, no, our crap doesn't stink. It smells like freakin' roses since you all set the bar so low over there.
Don't come around. We don't want you.

Your SIL

Jordan - posted on 08/09/2010




Dear Sister in law,

Please stop calling me and telling me how unhappy im making ur brother everytime we have a fyt. Please avoid giving me parenting and relationship advice coz its hard to take it from someone that is in neither a relationship nor do u have any children of ur own to be basing ur theories on. Your brother and i have come this far in our relationship without ur help and m pretty sure we can manage without u. oh and ur brother is quite capable of tellin me how he feels happy or not without u as his mouthpiece. If u would stop being involved in our relationship im sure u woul have more time to find, start and nurture ur own. On the bright side thank you for looking after my son and buying him all the stuff that u have and that i do appreciate.

I will not write one to MIL cant risk sumone finding it and showing her i'd never hear the end of it.

Kind Regards,
The worst daughter/sister in law u have ever seen that would make u happy if she just left..U wish lol

Hannah - posted on 08/08/2010




love it!
ok here's mine.

Dear MIL,

Please stop telling me how to raise my child. Please stop asking me everytime i see you if his diaper has been changed, or has he eaten lunch today, or some other stupid question where the answer is obvious! Would you please be the grandmother that just enjoys spending time with your grandkids instead of being the grandparent who is constantly worried about our childs present and future. We are more than capable of continuing to raise a happy healthy think we've been doing great the past few years so what in the world is going on with you now??
Please stop telling me that my child needs to eat junk food each day. He loves fruits and veggies and prefers them over your old crusty cheetos!
Please stop telling me that i need to go to bed earlier or I need to fix my hubby frozen meals when i go out of town...seriously?? its 2010....he knows how to fix his own dinner!
Please stop harassing my husband about going to church each sunday. He works 84hr weeks in the office and on the field (manual labor). With the 13 years of Christian school and 18 years of church I'm pretty sure his salvation isnt going anywhere. And the same goes for me.
PLEASE quit nagging me about buying my kid too much stuff! Why in the world would you tell me to take back some of his bday presents that i bought him??? oh 6 presents is too much?? oh i'm sorry blah!
Please stop getting in the middle of your sons issues with his brother. And the issues between me and his wife. The 4 of us agree that if you would just back off and stay out of our business that the 4 of us would get along better since we wouldnt be pressured to act certain ways and say certain things
anyways we really do appreciate you and all the laughs we get out of your crazy philosphies but seriously if I cant spend one hour around you without you telling me how to do something i'm just going to distance myself from you until i can tolerate the overbearing craziness.
your DIL

Melanie - posted on 08/08/2010




Dear Mother and Father in law,
I can't thank you for ever helping out because you have never seen her! (she is 16mths now!) Do you have any idea what a beautiful full of life little girl you are missing out on? I'm really sick of hearing oh we will come and visit soon and then when we start talking dates you pull out with "we're to busy" only to then tell us you are going on an over seas holiday!!
She is your only grandchild! You said for a while that you would come out after our son is born which is in 6wks, yes i know we told you no (thats our choice, we dont want house guests when we are learning to look after two childern and getting use to our new family) We suggested xmas and suprise suprise you are now making excuses. I can't belieive you are not going to come and get to know your grandaughter just on her own but wait till it's what....better value for money or something, more cost effective seeing two instead of one. It's always money with you guys
(just like to add ladies - these people HAVE money, alot!)
I used to send photos every week for the 1st 6mths of her life but after all the over seas holidays instead of coming hear i stoped. It took you 7mths before you even asked to see a new photo of her!

You loss,
From your daughter in law

Michelle - posted on 08/08/2010




I made up rules for my 4 month old.. Gonna have to update it. The dumb witch (not my choice of words) was going to give my 4 MONTH OLD carrots???? wth!! My fiance yelled at his mother though & shes like yeh well, it would've been fine.. Because of her being so stupid, I dont want my son going to her anymore.

Rules for Ethan
There is no sleeping with him in the bed or leaving him unattended in the bed.
ONLY ATTENDED “Tummy Time” when he is awake and for about 5-15 minutes every now & then, he’ll let you know when he’s had enough.
No solids until further notice.
Bottles don’t have to be warmed, he’ll take it at room temp.
Please rinse any bottles after any feedings
Call first before any baths are given. Sponge baths are fine.
Please read at least one book to him & interacting him with different toys
Please do not leave him unattended with any children or pets.
Please be aware that he may be starting to teeth & has been sticking his fingers & hands in his mouth. Watch for any small objects.
If anything happens (ANY accidents) please inform us immediately!
IF HE NEEDS MEDICAL ATTENTION the envelope containing CONSENT FORMS & INSURANCE CARDS will be in a ZIPLOCK baggy & on the outside of the diaper bag. CALL IMMEDIATELY!

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