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Ok my son is 4 months old now but this started when i was about 6 months pregnant, I went to the emergency room thinking I was having a heart attack, but they said I was having a panic/anxiety attack. My Obgyn said its very common in pregnancy for this to happen, i was like ok, he said it should go away after I have him. So now within the past couple of weeks I started having them again, I feel so weird cause it feels like I cant control my emotions, i get overwhelmed in fear and its scary. I have made a doctors appt to talk with her about it, My question is, is anyone else go through this, I have no one to relate to on this, and what about medication, is it a good thing or bad thing, will it make me not be myself. I just want to feel normal again.....:( let me know if you can help me out........thanks!!!


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Natasha - posted on 07/02/2009




Ive been on medication for a little while now and it really seems to be helping. It takes a couple weeks to notice a difference tho. And for the first few days i felt a little nauseous but after i ate something i was fine.

Ashley - posted on 07/02/2009




Well I had my first panic attack 3 yrs ago, scared me right to death.... haven't had any since, just smaller anxiety attacks, and it can be really scary when no one around you understands..... Now being completely honest, I've never gone for any help because my issues are social, and going to see a doctor is scarier than the attacks themselves. That said, I have been trying to set up a way to go because a friend of mine was diagnosed with depression and was put on medication, and it's made a huge difference for her.... she feels better emotionally than she has in a long time, and besides a few weird side effects,(small weight gain, trouble sleeping) she is back to her normal self. Now I may not have the courage to go just yet, but I hope you do.... from what I know, the meds can help...

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