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It's very common to have stress anxiety and even depression while pregnant, it's a huge life change and there is so much more to think about now so don't feel bad for not being over the moon with joy. On top of everything else going on you are away from your country and family - this is not an easy time for you.
Marriage has its ups and downs so hopefully you are just experiencing a down time and things will turn around soon if not you and your baby will always have each other.
Remember there are lots of good people out there who would be happy to help you just don't be afraid to ask. You need support and care and if your husband can't provide that for you right now find others that can maybe a pregnant mothers group would be helpful?? If you don't have anyone in your life at the moment to talk to then get in contact with the parents helpline in your state they are staffed with wonderful,caring and experienced mothers who can listen and give advice.
Last but not least congratulations! You are now a mum embarking on the most amazing journey for you and your child, as you already know its not easy in the least but so, so worth it.

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