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Brittney Josephine - posted on 11/29/2013




My sister went through this. Definitely file first! Makes a huge differenceon who filed first not working now doesnt mean you wont. Welfare has some things to help you out and theirs low income housing. Their are daycares too that u jus need to volunteer at from time to time. But you'll have to have a place to go to first. Lol up a woman crises center and see if they can give you some advice they won't house u unless your in danger I do believe but they help woman everyday. My dad also did this to my mom and she tried for18 years bow their devorced and it was hard at first for my mom but it was harder for her to be alone after staying so long. If your hearts not in it don't force it it'll only get worse and your son doesn't need to be in that environment.

[momoftwo] - posted on 11/21/2013




Okay well. First, the moment you two split up I suggest you file for custody first before he does and really he would have to prove you unstable/unfit if he wanted custody. It usually ends up joint custody or visitations. You can go on welfare and (depending on where you are I guess) they will cover daycare for you so then you can find a job and have your own place. There's nothing wrong with staying with family till then as long as the home is a great environment and you have your own room. As long as you have family helping you out and helping you get through it you will do fine.

Shawnteria - posted on 11/21/2013




Having a child with someone does not mean you have to be with that person. and no it is not a definite that he would get custody for your child he has to be able to show more than the fact that he has a job. i believ in fighting no one can keep you somewhere you dont want to be. yes welfare can help with daycare while you work yes there are programs you can get on even for help with housing but untill you get on your feet aslong as you can show you have a stable place of living like maybe your parents and that your able to care for your child and looking for a job i believe youll be fine. and if you do decide to leave i suggest as soon as your gone you put him on child support. but thats just my opinion i hope this helps and remember you can get help

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