DHS tried to take my children over babysitter hurting my daughter

Lindsey - posted on 09/20/2012 ( 5 moms have responded )




The day before yesterday I dropped my daughter who is 13 months old and my son three years old off at the babysitters which I had done times before. I trusted her with all my heart!! Only to be proven wrong. When I returned to pick up my children my daughter at two brusies on both sides of her forehead from what I could see it was dim in the room. The babysitter infomercial me she had fallen in the kitchen. As a friend of hers I told her it was fine and that I would look more at when I returned home. When I put my children in the car my son told me she had fallen down steps. My son seems to always have a tall tail for me do I assumed he was just making something up. When I got home still dark both my children were sleeping. I kept a close eye on her all night. The next morning when I entered her room and the sunlight hit face the bruising was unacceptable. I loaded both my children up and rushed her to the Er. Theres where my horror story begins.

Dr's surrounded her and started questioning me. I proceeded to tell them what my friend had told me happened (which I knew now was a lie it had to have been) when they looked more closer she also had finger prints on her arm!! At the point I crumbled inside. I knew what the drs were going to say!! After hours of tests my daughter came out clear. But I was angry. I wanted to go straight to my no longer friends house and inflict pain on her!! Dhs was called to the hospital after telling him my story and showing him texts from her admitting over and over to her fall and blaming her self. He let me return home with them. The following morning I filled a report against her but the police said it was an accident. Two hours after I left there DHS worker called me and told me to come to the justice center she wanted to interview me and my husband and also my three year old son!!! But why?? I comply to her request and show up even early I go to shake her hand and she reaches for my babies! Taking them out of my hands. This is where I truly lost it! She had no intentions of listening to me or reading the texts let alone even looking into the police report that I filed!!! She walks through a door and leaves me in a locked room. I'm yelling begging for just one person to listen to me! No one would. At the last second by the Grace of God the case worker I had the night before walks by me. He sees I'm terrified and runs to the back there's where he told the other case worker MY story not the made up one they had wrote down. My children were returned to me. But.. They informed me they would be making a house call to interview me. When I asked what would be done to the babysitter they said 'nothing at all'

I almost had my children taken away from me because of someone else inflicting damage to my child! And nothing at all will be done to her.

All I have to say is the DHS system is twisted. Me a caring loving Christian women was Accused of the unthinkable.

Now I've lost my trust in everyone. I will never let my children out of my sight for as long as I have control over it.

My question is what legal actions should I take? Should I get an attorney? I don't know where to go from here since the police are saying it was an accident but the drs are saying its abuse!! Something needs to be done with the babysitter not me!!


Firebird - posted on 09/21/2012




DHS should not have been able to remove your children from your presence without presenting a court order. Leaving you in a locked room without your consent... that's unlawful confinement. These are not police officers, they need to present proof that they have obtained legal authority through the court to do these things.You may wish to bring that up with a lawyer as well.

Michelle - posted on 09/20/2012




Get yourself a lawyer, they will be able to help you and yes your sitter should be charged with child abuse

Amanda - posted on 09/21/2012




Yes, the DHS system is not right, they intervened in my life and I had a WITNESS who was present when my child was hurt. Yes, get an attorney, you need one. My DHS case manager faxed and had me sign something saying I would not be alone with my child until a case worker concluded it was not abuse, but when the city came out (because I was not in my hometown they had someone from teh city in my location come out) my DHS case manager broke from their own contract with me and said I could not go home with my child or they would take him away! DHS is an organization that is not worth squat, they cause more trouble than they prevent.


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Lindsey - posted on 09/20/2012




Tomorrow I'm going to get the ball rolling. I shouldn't be having to go through all this she should.

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