Susana - posted on 07/26/2009 ( 2 moms have responded )




My son is a little over 1years old, he has had really bad diahrea for 3days. Besides this is he is happy and doesn't seem be be sick. He does have a lighter appetite than usual but i think its due to the HOT weather we have been having. For sure if it doesn't stop by tomorrow i will call the doctor, but any suggestions until then??


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Claudia - posted on 07/26/2009




bobbie is right, that's all true but meanwhile. feed him crackers, toast, banana and don't orget liquids, pedyalite it's the best recomendation gatorade and plenty of water, don't forget the diaper rash crem after every dirty diaper, and just wait till you go t the doctor, it might be a virus too. anyways you'll se he'll be just fine good luck!

Bobbie - posted on 07/26/2009




have you changed his food?? my son is 18 months and he gets like that with change of foods or new foods.. and the lighter appetite might be due to age too. because at a certain age the kids dont want to eat as much my son did that too. but if it doesnt stop call the doctor.. he might just have an upset stomach and it could go away on its own :)

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