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Kaylie - posted on 07/08/2009 ( 6 moms have responded )




My daughter(21mths) loves to strip down to nothing any time of day. it bothers me when she does it in her crib and falls back asleep and pees and lays in it. im also trying to potty train her and shes a very active child and wont sit still for more then a few seconds. shes always on the go, busy busy, any advice.


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Ginnie - posted on 07/08/2009




try putting a sleeper on her but backwards w/ the buttoms or stripper in the back we do this w/ our 2 year son cause he does the same thing one he pooped all over the a friend suggest that and it works

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Try putting her diaper on backwards, we did that with my little girl and once she got out of the habit of removing her diaper we were able to put it on normally again and she didn't take it off anymore.

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Have you tried giving her books to read by her potty? My daughter just turned 1 last week and has started going potty on the potty. Of course I have to take her in there but she is great about going :) She likes to read her books to me in there, so it's fun not scary. Good Luck!!

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im in the sister-in-law mandi was talking about. stickers all the way! bubbles are a good thing it keeps them entertained, we run water, and i tried squirting warm water down there to help her with the sensation. the other morning she sat on the potty chair right away and filled it up, carried the pot to the toliet and drained it. My biggest advice is to give lots and lots of positive reinforcement evening just for trying, dont be shy to whoop it up and do a dance, clap all the nine yards. Mandi (sisinlaw) also brought over the potty wrapped up like a gift so this was very exciting. it seems like a long process but you'll get there. Good luck to you and your little girl

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I have heard of people duct taping the babies diaper shut until they grow out of that naked stage. As for potty training if she's moving so much and won't sit still to go potty then she may just not be ready yet to potty train. Maybe wait a month or tow and try again.

Mandi - posted on 07/08/2009




i am helping my sister inlaw to potty train her daughter right now she is just about 2 and you loves the thought of stickers.So we made her a cart she gets a sticker everytime she sits on the potty and everytime she sees her mommy go pee. My sister inlaw also bought bubbles so everytime she is on the potty Leslie blows bubbles to keep her on there. With the naked part Mike did that too!!! I tryed not to get mad at him for it, like it was no big deal. I always told him if he wanted to get naked that was for the bath and his room. only

Well i hope this helps you

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