Did anyone else get depressed during pregnancy?

Britny - posted on 06/17/2009 ( 5 moms have responded )




My name is Britny and Im expecting my first child in August. My husband is a police officer, and makes good money, but we just bought a new house, plus Noah is on his way. I would like to stay home from work to be with Noah, but it seems like they make it impossible to just be a mom! My boss continually given me greif about my pregnancy and my maternity clothes. I work at a department store and we are supposed to dress professionally. I feel like as long as all my stuff is accounted for and nothing is flopping out of my shirt or hanging out anywhere, that I shouldnt get called out on my clothing. Its not like I dress like Brittney Spears or anything!,...I wear a knit maternity top and black capri slacks with nice flats. I dont get paid much and I only work part time, but my boss has continually asked me when I am going to buy "Nicer" clothes. I feel like he will never understand because of the fact that he is homosexual, I have nothing against it either. I want to quit but in this economy, I would feel so bad for putting that burden on my husband. I just dont know what to do, Im almost to my delivery, but I feel like I should be pulling my own weight financially not to mention, every job I've applied for doesnt want me becasue Im pregnant. I just keep getting more depressed,...Did this happen to anyone else?


Jess - posted on 06/17/2009




Hey. Im also due in August. I can understand why you're getting depressed. In pregnancy you already feel a little out of place with the way you look so it's not nice for people to make you feel down. You don't need it. can you talk to your husband about maybe not working for a year or so? He may think it's a great idea for you to spend as much time with Noah. I'm not sure when you're due, but I only have 8 weeks to go. Have you applied for maternity leave because if you've only got a few weeks left then maybe you could just stick it out and then instead maybe take a leave of absence and i'm sure after your son is born you will find work when you decide to start working again. All up to you but hopefully you don't keep letting your boss put you down because that isn't right. Good luck with your pregnancy, this is my first too! Congratulations and i hope everything goes well for you.


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Angela - posted on 06/18/2009




Hi Brittny,

I gave birth to my son almost 3 weeks ago. When I found out I was pregnant, my husband and I decided that I would leave my job in order to move to be closer to his job. Once we moved into our new home, I sent out resumes like crazy and contacted staffing agencies as well. I got a temporary office job, however, once they found out I was pregnant, it seemed like they wanted to come up with any excuse to get rid of me. I came down with the stomach flu and was out of work for two days, getting ready to return after those two days with a doctor's note, and they let me go. I agree that there is a stigma to hiring someone that is pregnant and that it's definitely challenging to find "professional" clothing when you're pregnant.

I felt absolutely horrible once I was let go because I also felt like I was burdening my husband. I had a very difficult time getting through the remainder of my pregnancy, so I can relate to your situation. I would suggest contacting staffing agencies once you have Noah on top of trying to find another job on your own. I'm currently on the job hunt myself. Hang in there and it'll all be worth it once you see Noah for the first time! Best of luck!

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i experience depression throughout my pregnancy numbers 2 and 4. i also have had postnatal depression since the birth of my 4th child lara in sept 2008. I totally understand your worries about the economy as i have a business that i operate on my own with the two babies with me most days. it is a really stressful time, but we are resourceful women and need to take some notes from our grandmothers as they were born in the depression and everyone ate rations etc. if u would like to stay in touch i have heaps of great cash saving ideas. i would also suggest that you get some help. tell the dr or midwife at your next appointment and take your husband because he needs to understand and may also feel the same.


my name is hilary i have 4 great kids. Mikala9, Cole 8, Elise 2 and Lara 9 months. my partner usually stays home with the kids each day but due to family commitments he's away for a few months. i had my first baby when i was 20 to a very violent man who also fathered the second. i left him though and hav ebeen with me new partner hamish for 6 years. try to concentrate on the poitives in your life, concentrate on moving forward. you have a beautiful boy on the way who will love you regardless. hope to stay in touch would you like to be frinds on face book?

Britny - posted on 06/17/2009




Thank you! I feel so much better,....Really. :) I agree on the jerk face thing. lol.

FYI: Noah is spectacular, growing like a weed, I keep trying to go into labor but he fights the contractions every time. :( lol.

Crystal - posted on 06/17/2009




First of all, CONGRATS on baby Noah on his way!!! From your picture you look BEAUTIFUL, and I hope you're having a healthy pregnancy.

2nd of all: Your boss is a JERK with a capital JERK-FACE JERK MAGEE. Seriously. You do NOT need to be putting up with his CRAP. What an inconsiderate MAN. Yes, it is VERY normal to be emotional during your pregnancy. Maybe Jerk-face doesn't realize this, but still, he must realize that people get quite a deal larger while carrying a child within their body? If he wants you to wear something else so badly, maybe HE should buy it for you!!!!! GEEEEEEZ!

If you do want to keep this job, have a talk with Jerk-Face about your situation and how you feel. If that doesn't work, go to whomever is above him. That should fix things.

Having said that, here is my *personal* opinion: You said you would like to be a stay-at-home mom - I say, DO IT!!!!! Best thing I've ever done! Yes, and we have just bought our first home - my husband is a computer tech, and we are both paying off school loans but are making it work!!! There is no place I would rather be than with my baby, helping her grow and learn. There's never going to be "enough" money, even if you did have a part-time job; you make do with what you have! And plus, if you were working you would probably have to pay a daycare or sitter anyway. I believe my daughter is so much better off with me at her side whenever she needs me. You could always go back to work after a year or whenever.

Good luck! Rub your tummy for me!

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