Disagreeing on the baby's name

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In the beginning of my pregnancy my husband and I both agreed we liked "James" for a boy. I liked it because it's my dad's name and a great book in the Bible. He liked it because I told him we could have Tiberius as the middle name. James Tiberius is Captain Kirk's named from Star Trek and my husband, being the cutest, sweetest, funniest geek ever, loved that. Now everyone we know is begging us not to give him that middle name and my husband says he isn't sure about "James" at all anymore. We've already told my dad several times that if it's a boy that we will name it after him. So to change it now would be insulting. I'm not sure what to do at this point. We don't know the sex yet so this could all be for nothing but I'm still worried.


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Dont worry about it until you know you have a boy (are you finding out)?
Middle names dont count for a whole lot (how often do you use them?) so use whatever you want to and ignore everyone else :)

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honestly.. don't speak about names with anyone else.. when the babies born, noone will say - oh what a terrible name! We went through truck loads of names and everyone knew someone with that name and they were mean, or ugly or anything else that put us off. i think its a great name.... plus you could always nickname him J.T!

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I would just not worry about it. In the end if you have a girl it won't matter and you'll be picking girl names anyway. If you do have a boy then you can always decide when the Dr. asks. There's nothing like a little pressure from someone outside the immediate family to help a guy decide on something. I picked my daughter's name and my husband now jokes that he's picking the next one's name and says names that are ridiculous. So for now I just let it go and tease him too. When we have a baby...we'll worry about it then. :)

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