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What are some ppl's views on disccipline? Especially spanking. Is it a do or dont, what age is inappropriate to spank? Do u do time outs, etc.???


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Debra - posted on 07/24/2009




Every kid is different on what methods work. If all you have to do is look at them cross and they break down in tears 'cause they know they are in trouble you might never have to spank but if absolutely nothing will get there attention except a smack on the butt then that's what works for them. I swat mine when they deserve a swat but never do it while I'm mad. I've done time outs, they work on the older two and my youngest but each kid handles things differently. My 3 year old thinks time outs are great and knows that saying sorry is just a way to move on. Then she'll turn around and do it again so the only thing that works w/ her is a swat. Not beating her but a little sting on the butt.

Stefanie - posted on 07/24/2009




We don't spank b/c we are pacifist so I don't have any advise on that.

I discipline mostly through modeling proper behavior which teaches them how to act so I don't have to correct misbehavior. This works well for us b/c my children are with us 100% of the time so I'm always in control of what they are around and if I think it is a bad influence I can remove us from it. I've done this since day one and I very rarely need to correct my children. When I do correct them I try to stick with natural consequences.

Example: If my dd throws a toy and it breaks, it gets thrown away.

If she leaves the caps off her markers and they dry up, they are "broken" and get thrown away.

When there isn't a natural consequence for a misbehavior then I try to make the correction fit whatever she did (we never "punish" btw). So if she talks disrespectfully to me or dad than she might have to recite a Biblical verse about obeying your mother and father 5 times as a correction. Or if she hits her sister then she would need to apologize, ask forgiveness and tend to her sisters "wounds". If she stomps off then I have her go out to the driveway and stomp for 5 mins (really takes the fun out of it!).

We do use timeouts but only for very serious infractions and probably only once a month at most. If they scream or whine (my 2 yr old is terrible about this) then she is calmly walked to her room and told to stay there until she can ask politely.

That's pretty much all we do. I think it's easier for us b/c our children are never out of our sight and they don't have anyone else really influencing them but us. If they did I'm not sure how these would work.

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